An intro for all…

My name is Honi and I am the mom to the two best children in the world. I am sorry if you think that your kids are the best, but mine win. Hands down. I work hard to make sure that everyday is a great day for these wonderful children.

Now I have to back up and tell a little story…

Two years ago at the Waterbury, VT Farmer’s Market my son (then age 3) saw and wanted some Vermont Peanut Butter. That sounded good to me. I would much rather buy him a jar of peanut butter than a lot of other goodies a 3 year old might ask for. I had a bit of sticker shock after seeing the cost of the super healthy peanut/almond butter that he picked out. But I thought that we should give it a try. We loved it. No surprise there. We used it for sandwiches and as a dip for fruit and pretzels. That jar of peanut butter gave me the idea to start this blog.

I want to buy all of my products locally, from local Vermont farmers, bakers, and makers. I also want to buy all organic. In today’s hard economic time I simply can not do this.  But I am going to try.

I am setting out to test, sample, taste, and try as many Vermont made products as I can.  I want to find Vermont made products that I love and make the switch to buy. Try Vermont first, BUY Vermont first. I want to put money into the pocket of my neighbors from Jay to Readsboro.
I also want to introduce you to new Vermont made products. Tell you how to get these products  and possibly even share samples with you!

All of the reviews on the blog are written by me. They are my own honest words, thoughts, feelings, reviews. I have not been paid to write these reviews but often am sent products, free to charge, to try. All rules/guidelines are posted on each giveaway. Random.org is used to pick all of our winners. Winners will be notified via email immediately after the giveaway ends and they have 48 hours to claim their prize. The owner of this blog & sponsors reserve the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices of contests/giveaways offered here at any time without notice.


Contact me at try vermont first @ gmail . com (without all of the spaces, those are just to deter spammers!)


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Honi- Great meeting you today at the Capital City Farmers’ Market and thanks for taking the time to try out Vermont Baby. I would be happy to give you some jars to sample next time (I will be back on 8/25) if you are interested. I would be happy to donate some as a give-away as well!

  2. What an awesome idea!! I make soaps and candles in Danville, VT with a stong emphasis on eco-friendly and vegan products! I love to hear about other VT companies! Always Vt first!!

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