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Lu Lu Hoy, owner of Dippylulu, Lippydudu and Feeling The Bern (three Etsy Shops) has a variety products that I am excited to share with you.


Let’s start with these fabulous lip balms.  Warning: you may want to eat these. Seriously. They are so wonderful! Sugar on Snow is my favorite – it truly taste/smells just like sweet maple greatness.

Each lip balm is handmade using argan oil, beeswax, shea butter and more! Your happy lips will thank you for treating them so well.


What goes best with Sugar on Snow? Pickles of course! This is such a fun gift. My son, a seven year old pickle lover, loves this uniquely flavored lip balm. I like the ingredients, nothing fake or funky.


I laughed out loud and emailed Lu Lu as soon as I saw the items in her Dippylulu shop: witty and comical smell defenders for the loo. Choices for bathroom spray scents include Exotic Passions, Forbidden Fruit and Beer! Forget traditional Valentine’s Day gifts…. get your big stinker a big stink spray!

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I asked Lu Lu what her best seller is and she told us:
“My most successful product in Dippylulu is Literary Lites. It combines my background in publishing with my enjoyment of earthy humor. Apparently this combination works for others, as they have been featured on prominent sites like The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, and are sold in many book stores across the country. The most successful product in Lippydudu is Shut Up and Kiss Me lip balm. I think the appeal is obvious: who doesn’t like kisses, and it’s fair to say that we all need to shut up sometimes.”


I’ll leave you with parting thoughts from Lu Lu, or the last things that she wanted readers to know:

“1. I worked with the legendary fashion designer, Mary Quant.
2. I threw mud pies at members of a royal family. (I was 5 and they were 6)
3. I get all my best product ideas when I’m in the bathroom.
4. I never remember to take my vitamins.
5. I always remember to floss.”


These three stores have a great selection of items! Lip balm, bathroom spray and Bernie!!

Now it’s time for our giveaway!! Enter to win a $30 gift certificate plus free shipping to Dippylulu!
ENTER HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck,


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  1. Novelty gag gift bathroom toilet spray deodorizer — eww de toilet. Hostess gift. Gift exchange. Funny gift. Fathers day gift. Dad gift.

  2. Hello,Thanks so much for these reviews.  I can’t seem to work the raffle giveaway link. Thanks, Cassie Bell

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