The Olive Table Giveaway



Dianne Hinaris contacted me a few months ago to see if I was interested in learning more about her family business: The Olive Table. The Olive Table is located in Woodstock and opened just three and half years ago. I asked Dianne who/what inspired her to create this business and this is what she shared:

“I wanted a career change – my interest in financial services had waned over the previous years and I really wanted to do something I was interested in and passionate about; and 2) I had these amazing healthy, all natural products available from my husband’s family in Greece just waiting to be introduced to the US market.  A couple of years before I started The Olive Table, we had started sharing our extra virgin olive oil with friends, and the reaction was unanimous:  “This oil is amazing – you should be selling it here in the States!”  I think a lot of people here in the States buy their oils in the supermarket and have never had fresh, high quality olive oil so once they taste it, there’s no going back.”


I love a great family business story! You can click here to learn more about how Dianne had more oil than she could ever use!


Olive oil is for so much more than cooking with! It’s to be paired well and enjoyed often! My seven year old son would just as happily dip bread into olive oil than eat anything else. I use oil daily for homemade dressings on salads. Even just a simple oil, garlic and black pepper sits nicely on a salad.


We were also sent a jar of this fine Greek honey. The honey is all natural, raw, and perfectly sweet. The Olive Table has four unique varieties of honey: Fir of Vytina, Pine, Reiki (Mediterranean Heather) and Orange Blossom. The jar of Pine Honey that we received is incredible. It has such a deep and different honey flavor. I find myself needing a sample often!   My husband loves honey in his coffee. Every morning I first hear the coffee maker and then hear our two children begging for “just a taste” of honey. Then spoons come out and I am happy everyone’s had their daily dose of the beneficial enzymes found in honey.



You can find products from The Olive Table  in many Vermont specialty shops and markets as well as many others states. All of their products, including lovely gift boxes, can be purchased online.




The Olive Table wants to share their products with YOU! They will send one winner one bottle of their top quality olive oil and one jar of their amazing honey.


ENTER HERE to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Remember to shop local, shop Vermont, and support our neighbors!


Good luck


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