Grosbeak Gardens Soap & Candle Giveaway


In 2013 Stephen D’Agostino and Bill Bakkerfrom Grosbeak Gardens decided to take their passion for handmade candles and turn it into a business. Their own garden gives them inspiration for their candles and soaps.


Grosbeak Gardens has a great variety of handmade soaps. Scents range frm Blackberry, Pumpkin, Macintosh, Maple, and Rosemary. Soaps are made with moisturizing shea butter and olive oil. Each soap is made to lather and clean well. You won’t find unnecessary additives or colors.

I have developed a love for locally made soaps. I want to know what’s in my soap and going on my skin. I can appreciate the work that went into making a soap with the perfect blend of oils and ingredients.



Grosbeak’s best seller is their maple candle. They are personally proud of their seasonal specialty candles: Gardener’s Spring, Summer Farm Stand, Country Autumn, and Winter Spice.

Stephen sent me their Winter Spice candle and we’ve burned it everyday for weeks! It helps to mask the smell of compost, puppy, and small children, while being just fragrant enough to not overpower the whole house. The candle has burned evenly and cleanly. I love it and will soon be ordering another.

Grosbeak Garden’s soaps and candles would make wonderful gifts for anyone and everyone on your list!


When I asked Stephen what he wanted readers to know he said: “Being new to Vermont, Grosbeak Gardens has been a wonderful way to meet so many people who share our appreciation for a quality, Vermont-made products. We are grateful for the support we get and so happy to be closing in on our first year anniversary of being Vermont residents.”



You can purchase Grosbeak Garden’s products online and at local craft fairs and markets including the indoor Farmer’s Market in South Burlington on December 6th and 13th. Visit them this weekend and let them know we sent you!

It’s time to start shopping! Enter to win a $20 gift card to Grosbeak Gardens!


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