November 11, 2015


Happy Veteran’s Day. This is a day to reflect, to appreciate, and to thank. Let us remember that we have a lifetime to give thanks, and we should give thanks daily. To our service men and women ~ one day is not enough! We thank you for your bravery, dedication and sacrifices. We also thank military families who are brave, dedicated and sacrifice so much.



I would like to connect my readers to VT SUPPORTS, a local non-profit dedicated to sending gift boxes and cards to troops overseas during the holiday season.


Here is more information from Nicquelle Timson, President of VT SUPPORTS: “We have a family event every year the first Saturday of December where we pack and send hundreds of care packages to troops serving on the front lines. How do we get these addresses you ask… well from our locals whether it be a son, daughter, nephew, niece, or friends cousin… some how they are tied to Vermont. We usually end up with 10-15 addresses and we will send about 50 packages to each soldier so they can disperse to their entire unit under their Christmas tree… that we also send with decorations and lights! On the day of the event there is a table for kids to make their own cards. Each person will grab an empty box and slide down the table and fill with all the gathered supplies ending with putting cards they made or already made ones, a letter from the board and CUSTOM FORMS GALORE! The project started in 2004 by an older lady at my church, however after my husband died in Iraq in 2009 I took over full steam. We have been hosting an actual event since 2011. After packing so many boxes on a kitchen floor, I thought it was time to let the community see how much fun it can be and giving them all the supplies to do it… we can pack 350 boxes in less than 3 hours!”


How can YOU help?

*Gather supplies to send. Coffee, trail mix, cookies, popcorn, toiletries, card games, sheets, socks, and more!

*Be part of packing day, Saturday December 5th from 9AM-noon.

*DONATE! It’s estimated that 400 boxes will cost over $6,300 to mail this year! Rally your friends, family, co-workers to each donate money to help cover this enormous cost!


Here are more details:


Here is a letter sent to VT SUPPORTS from a Vermont solider (who wishes to remain anonymous):

“I am writing to say thank you.  I cannot really express how much one of your boxes means to a soldier deployed overseas so I will share the story of when I first received boxes from VT S.U.P.P.O.R.T.S.  I am sure this is a similar story for all the final destinations of the packages.  

My first deployment was in 2011 to Afghanistan.  Most days were long and stressful.  There was one day, however, that something happened that was totally NOT expected.   I was not prepared for just how many boxes arrived for me that Christmas, at least 50, most likely many more but I lost count.  The look on everyone’s face when so many boxes arrived was amazing. Then to distribute the boxes and watch as all the soldiers tore through them was just as incredible.  It really was like Christmas, one I will never forget.  I owe that to you.  For a few hours we forgot we were at war and lived in a combat zone.  We didn’t care that it was month 8 and we had not had a day off.  We were not worried about what was going to happen that day or the next.  You allowed us that brief respite.   

When Soldiers receive packages, everyone gathers together and opens them to see what someone got, more importantly what they will share.  For some it can be a sad time because they do not have a support structure back home and mail is few and far between.  Not that day.  Everyone I worked with got at least two boxes.  Mail call typically lasts a few minutes; this one lasted a few hours.  The boost in morale for the troops was incredible. I wish you could have seen the faces and heard the laughter of the Soldiers.  I will never forget that Christmas as long as I live and I owe you all a debt of gratitude.   

In closing, I want to insure that all of you know just how meaningful and appreciated your commitment to deployed troops is. That few hours of time you donate on a weekend can mean more to a deployed soldier than you will ever know.  Once again thank you, thank you so much for what you do for us.  I look forward to this year when I can pass out your boxes to the troops.”


Please contact Nicquelle for more details on how you, your business, your church, your school, your workplace can HELP VT SUPPORTS.

With endless thanks,





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