Zoe Tilley Poster Art Giveaway


This summer I met Zoe Tilley Poster at that Waterbury Arts Festival. I was quickly drawn to her drawings and wanted to learn more about her art. The characters she creates seem as though they have a story to tell.


I asked Zoe about her artistic process and she shared this: “I love animals. I like drawing them, and seeing their characters emerge on paper. When I get one just right… it’s like shaking paws with an old friend. When I get one just wrong… I wad up that piece of paper, toss it over my shoulder, and begin again.”


Zoe works with graphite and colored pencil on vellum-surface Bristol paper (which she taught me provides the texture to the drawings).


Though cats are her favorite animal to draw Zoe tells us about her most popular character: “..the most popular is this little woodchuck holding a bunch of chamomile. He looks both cute and… antagonistic. Vermonters love woodchucks, but they won’t admit it – they’ll curse and shake their fists and make threats about crock pot stew. Any gardener knows the angst a woodchuck can inspire. But, you know… they’re kind of comical too.”


Zoe not only creates cards and prints but also custom orders including pet portraits, logos, wedding invitations, imagined landscapes. Visit her Etsy shop to see the full range of her work. The butterfly prints are some of my favorites. I love that this art work can be for any generation, for art lovers young and old.


Start shopping for art prints, cards and t-shirts at zoetilleyposter.etsy.com and contact Zoe at zoetilleyposter@gmail.com for custom orders!

Giveaway time! We will choose 2 lucky winners who will each receive a pack of 6 note cards with Zoe Tilley Poster artwork.

ENTER HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!






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