Sweet Seasons Farm Giveaway


Sue Haynie opened Sweet Season Farms with a mission in mind: “Seasons Farm went into production in 2014 but began its ‘Test’ phase of growing an assortment of fruit crop back in 2006. We care about people and what is going on in U.S. food production. We see a great need for Americans to have access to nutrient dense and safe-to-eat fruit.”


“Christmas” and “Beacon” apples from the farm.

Sue is passionate about her farm, her produce and her craft. Here’s more about the details behind the scenes:“Currently, we are tending to 40 Heirloom Certified Organic Root Stock Apple / Pear trees along with Organic (CNG) Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Heirloom Peppermint. In addition, we grow 150 foot of Raspberry canes and 70 low / high bush Blueberry plants which are grown for the Leaf Teas. In May of 2015 we planted 2,400 of high bush Blueberries for our future PYO Blueberry Orchard. If we don’t grow the fruit or nuts that go into our confections, we seek to purchase as much as possible directly from U.S. family farms. The Black Currents used in the Black Current bonbon are Certified Organic from Walden Heights Nursery, Walden VT.”


Time to make your mouth water! The bon bons and truffles that Sue shared with my family were some of the best I’ve ever had, and they didn’t last long at my house!

Here’s more from Sue: ”

Our Bonbons & Truffles are made with authentic whole fruit, whole nuts, whole spice, rather than extracts and concentrated (liquid) flavorings, which merely imitate the genuine. There is no added sugar to our Truffles & Bonbons. We use Fruit, Couverture Chocolate and a touch of cream or a touch of butter – that’s it.

How the Bonbon came to be… Bonbon means: “Good Good” in French. We call this confection a “Bonbon” because we think it is doubly good! Not only do you get a unique confection with authentic whole fruit flavor, the fruit used is Organic (CNG) and the Chocolate is fine Couverture!

With a bumper crop of 500 lbs of Strawberries and every farmers market turning us away back in 2011 because we didn’t have vegetables, we saw the beauty of strawberries being all dressed up with nowhere to go!  So, we took them to the kitchen for a few years experimenting until the Strawberry Bonbon was born. In addition to Strawberry, we have Raspberry, Blueberry Lime, Apple Spice and our newest bonbon flavor: Black Currant.”


The pretty little truffle above lasted only a few minutes but the intense orange flavor lasted much longer. After enjoying it I went to brag about it’s greatness to my husband. He was only a bit jealous as he also had been enjoying a fine truffle from Sweet Seasons Farm.


Apples + caramel + pecans + chocolate = the best thing ever! Look how pretty it is too! I cut the apple and our whole family shared it. My husband was unsure at first, and ended up asking for more. The candy layer was just thick enough to complement the apple.



I once jokingly asked Sue if she ever slept. She laughed and told me that she had been up until 2AM making confections, and then back up at 5AM to leave for that day’s Farmer’s Market.


Here are Sue’s Organic Peppermint Patties, which sadly I didn’t get to try as my family snatched them up. I can tell you that because of Sue’s dedication to using real ingredients and not extracts the flavor profile on these is strongly rich and wonderful.

“My personal favorites are the Maple Caramel Apple, Maple ‘Thin Snap’ Toffees, Peppermint Patty, and the Black Forrest Raspberry Truffle. I look at the countless hours of labor, discovery and knowledge it takes to successfully grow apples and raspberries organically. It took 27 hours straight to capture the peppermint oil from our Heirloom Organic Peppermint crop.” ~Sue


I kept this Salted Maple Caramel Peanut Patty hidden just for me (sorry kids). It was both chewy and crunchy and had the best maple flavor. Sue has really perfected the marrying of different flavors to make something amazing.


Sweet Seasons Farm will be at many different Farmer’s Markets and Holiday events including:

Burke Fall Festival, Sat. 9/26
Peacham Foliage, Thurs. 10/1
Danville’s Autumn-On-The-Green, Sun. 10/4
Quechee Gorge Antique Festival (Columbus Weekend Oct. 10-12)
Cabot Apple Pie Festival, Sat. Oct 17
As members of Vermont Handcrafters, Sweet Seasons Farm will participate in the Holiday Show at the Sheraton Hotel third weekend in November.  They also ship customer orders nationwide, offer home/business delivery or customers can visit the farm to pick up their orders.
Look for posts on their Facebook page in regards to more events they will be at, and the launch of their new website.


ENTER HERE:   a Rafflecopter giveaway  to win a $20 gift card that can be used on confections of your choice!


Happy sweeting,




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