Back to School Giveaway 2015


Have you noticed that the sun is setting much earlier? “It’s just about winter” says my husband. It’s not quite winter, but it is Back to School season! This year it stings a bit more to wrap up summer and head into fall. We had a great summer exploring Vermont (and beyond!). Take a look:

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To celebrate kids and teachers going BACK TO SCHOOL we’ve collected a variety of gifts for one lucky winner! Note: Each prize will be directly sent from the VT business. Our winner can choose to have the prizes directly sent to them-self or to a number or friends/family members/teachers! Here are the prizes that will be sent to our winner:


Vermont Village Applesauce is the only applesauce we buy! They will send our winner two cases of applesauce pouches. Perfect for lunchboxes, field trips, after school snacks and more!


My 7 year old feels famous when he wears his Eat More Kale tshirt. Everyone stops him to say “Eat More Kale!”. Your child will be sent their very own Eat More Kale shirt to proudly wear!



Kat’s Paw is going to send our winner a colorful multi use lanyard. Check out this Etsy shop for many different quilted items including bibs, dresses, crayon rolls, coasters, wallets and more.


Real Sticks get packed in my son’s lunch often! Win a pack of 24 Real Sticks from Vermont Smoke and Cure. There are six different Real Sticks including Turkey Ancho, Beef BBQ, and Turkey Pepperoni.


Vermont Custom Works will personalize a Frozen themed car bag for our winner. Choice of blue or purple. Vermont Custom Works can print a special back to school or birthday shirt for you!

Grannie Snow is going to send our winner a copy of her latest book: Silas and Opal Meet. Contact Grannie Snow about reading one of her three books to your group or class!



Is your child’s school Nut Free? Ours is! Send our favorite nut free granola bars: Tanabars from Vermont Nut Free! Our winner will receive an assorted pack of Tanabars.


Sarita’s Bagita’s will send our winner a set of three reusable lunch bags. These are all we use to pack snacks and lunches. They are easy to use, easy to clean, eco friendly and come in really fun patterns.


Marsh Hollow will keep your day sweet with their mouth watering jam. Our winner will receive one jar. My son’s favorite is Christmas Jam (all year!).


Alaina’s Mosaics has sold close to 500 of Alaina’s self published books to families and schools across the country. Our winner will get two books, one to keep and one to share with their classroom.


Time Out For Whoopie is one of our favorite Vermont treats!! Send them to your teacher or share in celebration of surviving the first week back to school! Our winner will receive a Sampler Pack of 6 pies.


DSC_0024 (2)

Teachers have countless notes to send home. Pen to Paper Designs will personalize a set of beautiful Orchid note cards for your child’s teacher. Lucky teacher!


WIN all this to celebrate the Back To School season! Click and ENTER here: a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck (with the giveaway AND school!),

Ready for another great year!

Ready for another great year!


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