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Are you a man with an out of control scruffy beard? Or do you know someone fitting this description? Here to help tame the mane is Feared Beard VT. I asked owner Kyle Donovan why he started this business and this is what he shared: “My good friend Matt was not able to find a beard oil he liked. I’m a UVM chemistry graduate. I’ve worked as a pharmaceutical chemist for 4 or 5 years, but over the past 3 years I’ve been working as a formulation chemist at a local soap factory. So I’ve become a sort of raw material nerd from all the bar soap formulas I’ve developed over the years and was able to really learn and understand what components work best. Matt reached out to me one day and basically tasked me with developing a beard oil that was highly effective and completely natural. After a bunch of iterations, we came to the conclusion that what I finally generated was really effective and better than most products out on the market. I decided to start a little side hobby of developing a brand, and well, here we are.”



Currently their best seller is Natural Balm and Frosted Wood Oil. When your beard is feeling a bit more out of control/frizzy/needing extra maintenance try the thicker beard balm.



I asked Kyle what makes his products stand out from others. Here is his response: “Our products are 100% natural and are formulated to have no fillers or junk. Everything in our formulations have a purpose. I’ve designed these formulations to be kind of a blend of new world and old world components. We take organic jojoba oil (desert plant in the southwest) and blend it with African oils that have been used for generations in hair care. We also utilize Champlain Apiary beeswax for our balms. There are a lot of brands out there and its hard for people to understand what the differences are. I make every bottle by hand and every single order matters to me. I’ve built my career on developing formulations and I’m not just some knucklehead putting a bunch of oils in a bottle and pretending it works. OK, so maybe the knucklehead part is true…”




I needed a bit of help reviewing these products and found the perfect person for the job. Read his review below:


Feared Beard – Lifted Lavender Beard Oil Review for TVF.

First, a disclaimer. I’m not a beard guy – I’m a guy with a beard. I don’t wear skinny jeans, vests, or ironic tee shirts. I’m a Vermonter, not a hipster. When I want a great local burger, I go to the Shopping Bag, not the Farmhouse. In other words, I’m probably not in the key market demographic for beard products. What I am, however, is a guy who loves girls. My two girls, in particular – who both love my beard, but when it gets big and scratchy, it is just no good for bedtime cuddles with my daughter, or special snuggles with my fiancee.

In other words, I was a man on a mission. To keep my beard and my ladies happy. Enter Try Vermont First and an awesome goodie bag containing a little bottle of beard oil. I was ecstatic. Great logo, the bottle is well made of a heavy glass with a screw top my oft broken crooked fingers could open without having to grab a pair of pliers.

I was less psyched to discover that it was Lavender. I’m a guy, and guys don’t wear lavender, at least not from where I come from. But I promised Honi and TVF a review, and I was willing to take one for the team.

Application was easy. The few drops per application as indicated on the label didn’t cut it (my beard must be a bit more feared than most) , but after a few extra shakes of the thin, light oil into my palm it massaged easily into my ginger whiskers. Important note: Keep it off your lips and out of your mouth. REALLY. Unless you want to do your own impersonation of Will Ferrell in Elf when he took a Binaca shot of perfume!  It only took a few times for me to learn my lesson, but I’m a guy – so you gotta cut me some slack, we just aren’t as smart as the ladies. It isn’t the product’s fault, I’m just a meat-head.

The results – I immediately noticed an improved shine and the red color of my beard  went from standard to High-Def. That alone wasn’t going to make up for smelling like lavender all day, but I’m no quitter. After a few days repeated use, I noticed a definite improvement in the softness and mane-manageability. My beard doesn’t feel heavy or weighted down, or slicked together like I hit it with some old school Palmade (I’m no Dapper-Dan Man). As an extra bonus, the oil doesn’t make my face all greasy or shiny – but right after I apply it, there is just enough on my skin to shave my neck without any pain or pulling from my razor.

Honi asked for a review after a week or so of continued use, but I was determined to give it a real shot -really commit to a marathon test. Plus, I’m a procrastinator, and an extended test meant I could put off writing a review for a bit. And perhaps for a few extra bits.  (Sorry Honi!). After a full month of use, only a handful of people at work have made fun of the fact I smell like lavender (both my girls love it, but I’m still not sold) but I get many compliments on how good my beard looks, and it is much easier to maintain and keep in check. The results from my extended test – my beard gets softer with each use. Skip a day or two and I’m heading back to brillo, but a hot shower and a healthy application and things are back on track.

I’ll definitely seek out more of Feared Beard’s products. My tiny little bottle of beard oil is almost empty, so I’ll hit their website www.fearedbeardvt.com to find a great local retailer to buy more. I’ll probably try another scent though – although who knows. I could become a Lavender man after all. A note to all my friends out there in the 802 – anyone see me sporting a stupid hat or skinny jeans, please drag me behind a tractor until I come back to my senses! Feared Beard may have sold me on using beard care products, but every guy has his limits.

Deepest Regards,

Ewing Fox


Thanks Ewing!



You can find the Feared Beard collection of oils and balms online and at The Green Life in Burlington. Be sure to LIKE their Facebook page and tell them we sent you!


ENTER HERE to win a gift pack from Feared Beard –> a Rafflecopter giveaway


Go Sox! (Beards make me think of the Red Sox!)


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