Pickles & Peaches Jewelry Giveaway


If you have seen me wearing the jewelry items pictured above and wanted to ask me where I got them look no further! I will share the details with you and give you a chance to win a jewelry set for yourself! Meredith White owns Pickles and Peaches, an Etsy shop featuring leather and stone jewelry. Her innovative jewelry is both soft and industrial.


I asked Meredith for details on how she started her business and she shared this: “I’ve been making jewelry since I learned that beads weren’t for sticking up your nose:-) I’ve worked with various mediums ranging from beads, to clay, to silver and sold different pieces throughout the years. About a year ago, I took leather jewelry class given by Tessa Valyou of Foliage Bags and I fell in love. Something about working with the different colors and textures really resonated with me.  I started with making a few pieces for myself and as gifts for friends. People seemed to really like them and would ask where they could buy them, there seemed to be enough interest so I thought why not and Pickles & Peaches was born.”


My beautiful model/friend Lauren tells us what she thinks of Pickles and Peaches: I had a lot of fun wearing this leather jewelry.  It’s so soft and light, I almost forgot I was wearing it.  That is, until someone would say, “Ooooo, what is that bracelet made of?”.  I’d proudly walk over and say “leather!! Smell!!” (Because it smells beautifully of high quality leather)  I must have gotten 5 or 6 compliments on the bright red bracelet the night I wore it.  I absolutely love these pieces and am excited to incorporate them into my wardrobe!


Meredith jokes that she is addicted to leather. She buys scrap leather in bulk from other crafters. When the large boxes arrive she never knows what she is going to find inside. She is truly making one of a kind items!


Meredith is making leather items in every color, color combination, and shape possible. Take a look at the necklaces she has available. In addition to the Pickles and Peaches Etsy Shop you can also find these items at the Birdfolk Collective in Winooski.

ENTER HERE to win a lovely prize from Pickles and Peaches:a Rafflecopter giveaway


 Please take a moment to LIKE Pickles and Peaches on Facebook and tell them we sent you! Small Vermont businesses appreciate your social media support!




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