Father’s Day Giveaway 2015

Happy Father’s Day to the many amazing men in my life!! To my father, my stepfather, my husband, and father in law. To my brothers and brothers in law, I thank you for being part of my life!


IMG_7745  IMG_7747


Below we have a collection of amazing gifts perfect for any Dad! Note that our one lucky winner has the option to take home each gift, or send them to any Dad (or Dads) of their choice!



Vermont artist Kevin Ruelle is going to send our winner an 11 x 14 “Bicycle Vermont” print. Kevin’s complete line of posters will take you through Vermont’s many seasons and up and down our great state.


3 New BBQ

My husband talks about Gringo Jack’s more than any other Vermont business/product. Having their Sweet and Spicy Chipolte Glaze on hand is a must! Gringo Jack’s just launched a new line of barbeque sauces, marinades and salsas. This prize pack includes a glaze, a jar of one of their new craft beer BBQ sauces, a new salsa and a bag of chips. Happy grilling and snacking Dad!



Squirrel Stash Nuts are WAY more than your average bar nut. These nuts are perfectly roasted, generously sweet, and their Buzzed Nuts have mild ale from the Burlington Beer Company added. They will disappear quickly! Squirrel Stash Nuts will send our winner a Stash of Squirrel Stash BUZZED plus a stainless steel pint cup.


Tis the season for long evenings in the garden. I don’t know about your Dad/husband but I can say that mine doesn’t wear gardening gloves and comes in with “garden hands”. My step dad is pretty famous for his “garden feet”! Mill Brook Naturals will send our winner a Gardener’s Hand Soap with pumice. We have one and it works great. Our winner will also receive an unscented lotion stick to keep their hands soft and well cared for.




Wildwood Vermont‘s artisan Sean Murray makes one of a kind Cedar Travel Mugs. They are hand turned on a lathe out of a solid block of cedar wood. These beautiful travel mugs come with a screw on stainless steel liner and lid. Your hands will be happy when you hold this mug, not only is it light weight, but it is also smooth to the touch. The finish on the mug is a very durable, all natural, Zero VOC, Oil finish. For every sale, a donation will be made to the Plantit2020.org foundation where a tree will be planted. Our winner will be able to have their mug personally engraved.



Green Mtn Mini Baked is combining donuts, beer, and pretzels! Genius! A dozen of these mini donuts will be shipped for our winner to enjoy. Find the  donut treat that best fits your Dad… maybe Banana Chocolate Chip, or Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream, or Maple Syrup & Bacon, Cookies & Cream, or Root Beer Float. These donuts are for way more than just breakfast!



Feared Beard can help Dad to keep his beard under control and well maintained this summer. Their best selling Beard Balm combines Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beewswax and more. This well studied combination aims to keep your beard and skin underneath healthy. Go beard, Go Sox!




CLICK HERE to ENTER to win all of the above! a Rafflecopter giveaway


You can choose to keep all the gifts, send them all to one person, or split the gifts up and send them to as many Dads as you love!


Good luck, and remember to thank Dad for all that he does, like share his tomato plants and fix your leaky sink (twice…). THANKS DAD!


Happy Happy Father’s Day!





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