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You may want to turn your “small-a-vision” on for this post!

How do most successful businesses start? With years of research, study, and experimentation. That’s just how Bear Hill Soaps got their start! Owner Michelle Connair tells us that Bear Hill Soaps combines two of her favorite things: soapmaking and herbal medicine. Here are more of Michelle’s thoughts: “The world needs more bodycare products that are made from pure and natural ingredients, that repair our skin, nourish our soul, and tread lightly upon the earth. Too many commercial soaps and cosmetics contain potentially harmful parabens, phalates, synthetic fragrances and dyes, sacrificing quality for shelf-life and profit.”


We asked Michelle what makes Bear Hill Soaps different:

-We make our products in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and quality, with the purest ingredients we can find, and use local, organic, and sustainably-harvested herbs and oils whenever possible.

-We only use natural preservatives like Vitamin E and honey, because we don’t believe in putting harmful chemical additives or synthetic dyes & scents on your body or into the Earth’s precious water supplies.

-Our base oils are infused with wildcrafted skin-healing herbs before being made into soap, giving you a healthy dose of plant medicine every time you wash. Some soaps also have powdered herbs to provide exfoliation and natural color. -Our aromatherapy soaps are made with pure essential oils that make you feel great and smell fabulous.

-Bear Hill bar soaps are more skin friendly than most…They retain the skin-soothing glycerin that is a natural byproduct of saponification process (stripped from most commercial bar soaps to be sold for profit, replaced with chemical lathering agents). Also, our soaps are all “super-fatted,” meaning they contain extra oils to keep your skin feeling smooth and nourished.”


Our family’s favorite is the Lavender Tulsi (Michelle’s favorite too!). This soap is gentle on skin and smells lovely! The bar has lasted for months with everyday hand washing.


My son claimed the Pine Forest soap for himself. Michelle told us that the Pine Forest scent is her best seller: “a lovely evergreen-scented soap that contains Vermont-wildcrafted white pine, spruce, and cedar oils, and chaga powder, along with other seasonal skin-healing herbs like jewelweed and nettles. It smells lovely, like walking through an old-growth forest. In aromatherapy, evergreens balance the third eye (which represents psychic vision) to bring greater balance, perspective, and clarity to your life.

I can speak for the soap’s ability to clean 7 year old boy dirt and grime. The soap is gentle enough to use everyday, without ever worrying about skin drying out. He smells pretty great too!

Here are a few  more reviews from friends:


Bear Hill Soap’s “Rose Garden with Calendula & Dead Sea Salts” has the kind of scent you want to just keep inhaling and inhaling.  The fragrance was flowery, yet subtle – you could tell just by smelling that there were no chemicals or preservatives used.  Beautiful looking, simple and natural packaging…. I definitely will buy this soap for myself again and for giving as a lovely, sweet gift.  ~Kelly


“I was very excited to try this soap as I am an avid believer in the benefits of using natural soaps.  I don’t like to idea of rubbing a chemical laden soap over my body, so this soap is just what I love – natural and the added pro of being locally made!!  I tried the maple chai and was initially worried that it would be a little too fragrant and I’d end up smelling like a teenage girl on my way to a school dance.  I was pleasantly surprised, although the delicious aroma filled my shower I wasn’t left smelling like  piece of candy.” ~Lauren

Currently you can find Bear Hill Soaps in three locations: online at, at the Brattleboro Food Co-op, and at the Putney Farmers’ Market Sundays 11-2. Find the full product line and start shopping here.  Ask for these artisan soaps at your favorite retailer!

Now it’s time for a great giveaway! Michelle will send two winners two bars of soap of their choice!

ENTER HERE to win —-> a Rafflecopter giveaway


Stay clean!


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