Perfume Giveaway

Katy Knuth and Beckie Sheloske launched Rebel Intuitive Perfumerie last November and continue to grow their business. Each perfume is made by hand, in small batches, and aged at least six months to let the different notes marry together.




Grace at 67th blends Tarragon, Sweet Basil, Clary Sage, Rose and more. It’s earthy and mild.




The Winter Lewd perfume is a citrus blend which includes blood orange, tangerine, and black currant. “Winter Lewd is a fantastical, esoteric, unisex perfume that begins with top notes that are like uncovering  peels and branches of citrus from the damp earth. Experience the mysterious awareness that is Winter Lewd.” (From the RI website.)


Ninon is a complex and deep perfume with a vanilla, honey, jasmine notes (and more!).

You can find these products online and at Salaam Boutique in downtown Montpelier. Ask for them at boutiques and specialty stores near you.

Rebel Intuitive Perfumerie would like to send you a bottle of their projected best seller for Spring: Grace at 67.


ENTER HERE to win this giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


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