Garden Mats Giveaway


Tis the season!

Spring? Yes, finally.

Mud season? Yes, for awhile longer.

Planting season? YES!


When do you start planting? We start at the beginning of March. Peppers and tomatoes are planted first, and they sit in the sunniest spot in the house. Then we look forward to the day we can transfer them to the garden.

Last year we learned of Garden Mats, located in Central VT. Owner Peter Comart started this business as a way to solve a problem: he hated to weed the garden. We can relate! Our summer days are filled and there is a little time left to weed the garden. It’s even hard to convince our eager helper children to go pull weeds.


Garden Mats are made from polypropylene. They are made to let in air and water, but to block sunlight and weeds. The pre-cut holes have been cauterized to prevent fraying, allowing these mats to last for many years. With eight different spacing options you are sure to find something for everything growing in your garden.




We moved our tomatoes into the garden last May, and found the Garden Mats the perfect convenience. The mats were easy to set up, easy to use, and also easy to put away and store at the end of the season.


Here is more information from Peter about Garden Mats: “We designed Garden Mats to reduce the time you spend working in the garden and increase your garden’s productivity by 10%-20%.” Find more great reasons to use Garden Mats here.

0828141227  IMG_9790


Our garden thrived this year and our tomatoes were extra large, juicy and sweet. We look forward to our next garden season, and the ease of planting thanks to Garden Mats.


Visit Garden Mats online to learn more, to make an order, or to contact Peter in regards to commercial planting. Head to Worcester any Saturday March – June to find Spring Sale prices.

Peter will send one lucky winner TWO garden mats. Simply CLICK and ENTER HERE –> a Rafflecopter giveaway


Happy gardening!


12 thoughts on “Garden Mats Giveaway

  1. After seeing this I review, I went to the web page and I was so intrigued I’m going to contact the company and see if they do custom mats, to put around fruit bushes!

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