Mill Brook Naturals Giveaway


Kathy Johnston, owner of Mill Brook Naturals, has been researching and testing products for years. She started with laundry soap, and then added gardeners soap, bath bombs, bar soap, lotion sticks and more!

Kathy has a goal of making items “that are natural, good for you and are good for the environment”.


A group of trusted friends helped me to test these items and here are their thoughts:


“Nice scents that are not overwhelming and would make a sweet gift for a new baby.” ~Lisa



“I loved how well this soap lathered and how natural and authentic the scent is. I usually have a hard time finding either of these qualities in a natural soap, let alone both!” ~Hannah


“This is super easy to use and apply. Once it is on, it really feels like it locks in the moisture. My hands stayed smooth all day, even through hand washings! That is saying a lot considering my knuckles crack in the winter! ~Hannah

“My girls loved the bath bomb.  This was the first time we ever tried a bath bomb and they loved watch in it dissolve while soaking in the tub. The room smelled of lavender all evening.  It was lovely.” ~Emily
“I LOVE all things pine scented and this soap did not disappoint.  The scent smelled very natural and just like our Christmas tree.  The soap itself was great in the shower for full body but would also be lovely as a hand soap!” ~Kelly
This Gardeners Hand Soap is a summer must-have. Kathy tells us about her inspiration for this product: ” I love to garden and have a potting shed my husband and 3 boys built for me a few years ago so I thought why not a gardeners soap? I hand mill an all natural soap and add beeswax ,pure olive oil and pumice to get hands clean but not too  abrasive”
Our family has benefited from the Gardeners Soap soap too. It’s both effective at removing caked on dirt and grime, as well has very gentle on hands.
My four year old was very excited to receive this beautiful heart shaped soap. As soon as I was done photographing it she had taken it and put it in her bath. My daughter’s skin is very sensitive and I always search for mild soaps for her. This soap has worked perfectly! It’s all natural ingredients clean as well has keep her skin soft. The soap has lasted through many baths too!
I have been happy to use this Lemon Honey Soap. It’s made with shea butter, goats milk, locally made honey and more. It’s a sweet smelling really great bar of soap. It’s as simple as that. Use it and feel clean, naturally!
Now it’s time for YOU to try these great products from Mill Brook Naturals!
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Good luck!

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