The Little Rippers: Book Giveaway


As soon as she started to walk, author Becky Munsterer learned how to ski. Her own passion for skiing, and the passion of the young children she sees in lessons, and flying down the mountain inspired her to write The Little Rippers.


Since Becky’s own nephews are little rippers, they helped to influence the creation of the characters in this book.
The book is set at fictional Powderhound Mountain in Vermont. The two main characters, Max and his sister Molly, are visiting their grandfather and looking forward to their annual ski trip to the mountain. Both kids are surprised to learn that because of an injury their grandfather won’t be able to ski with them this year, and he has signed them up for the mountain’s ski program.


The shy children end up going on a great adventure during their ski lesson. They show both bravery and compassion. The story is motivating and fun to read.

I read this book to my six year old son and one of his friends. We ended up reading the book in one day because they would not let me put it down. At the end of each chapter they would beg me to read “just one more!”. There were happy cheers for the characters when we finished the story.
I shared the book with my ten year old niece and her comments were: “It was an adventure! It was a book I couldn’t take my eyes off of.”



Becky has included Vermont traditions and touches in her story. The children enjoy Sugar on Snow, a great spring sweet and there are family recipes at the end of the book. When I asked Becky what she wanted my readers to know she said: ” I’m thrilled when real Vermont little rippers enjoy the book!”.


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Find The Little Rippers at a bookstore near you or online! Have fun reading and sharing this story!

Ski on!


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