New England Sack Giveaway



Jennifer Halpin, owner of New England Sack, contacted me a few weeks ago about collaborating to promote her business, which is currently showcasing Vermont made products. You can view my guest blog post here.

Jennifer seeks the highest quality products made in New England and will deliver these right to your doorstep via a monthly subscription. With your monthly subscription you are supporting your extended local economy and appreciating fine craftsmanship.


1429_092514_The_Sack_©Pam Rouleau Photography

A gift from New England Sack will be well received no matter where you send it! Send it near, send it far. Send it once, send it for 6 months. Send it as a thank you, a birthday gift, a housewarming gift, with congratulations, welcoming a new baby! Check out this page where you can create your own custom gift box!



Please visit New England Sack’s blog page and read more about how Try Vermont First started.

Would you like to know what’s in the March Vermont Sack? I may know what’s in the box, but am keeping it a secret! Here’s a way to find out: WIN IT! That’s right, Jennifer is going to send one lucky reader a Vermont box this month! I will give you one hint as to what’s in the box….. it’s a product that inspired me to start Try Vermont First.

ENTER HERE to win —-> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note this great coupon code just for Try Vermont First fans – enter Vermont5 to receive $5.00 off any length subscription, including a one month! Leave a note in the comments of the New England Sack check out page if you’d like to order a Vermont box. More and new Vermont products will be featured in coming months.

Like New England Sack on Facebook and learn more about their services and products!

Shop local!



14 thoughts on “New England Sack Giveaway

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  2. I would send it to my husband. He is originally from western mass and his dad was a vermonter. He used to ski a lot in vermont. He only buys Vermont Maple syrup, we have it shipped here to florida when we run out. HE LOVES NEW ENGLAND. So, I would send it to him.

  3. actually I would send it to myself,,since im not origionally from here,im from the south,so all this is new to me and im anxious to learn more

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