Vermont Natural Whipping Queen Body Butter Giveaway

Winter is never going to end.


Okay, that’s a stretch…. but really… this winter has seemed a little extra long and cold. One downfall of a long hard winter is dry cracked skin.


I have a solution!

The Vermont Natural Whipping Queen is making body butters that will help to soften, heal, and soothe overly dry winter skin. Owner Judy McCormick started making her products last Christmas after being inspired by a friend. After her first batch a chance encounter at her local hardware store turned into her first order!


These body butters are made with shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, mango butter, and cocoa butter. The ingredients are whipped together to create a product that is an everyday must-have and a great gift. The “Natural Kellie” has been sitting by my bed and has helped to heal my hands! I add a generous amount each night and in doing so I am keeping my hands soft and happy.


Judy is also adding essential oils to her body butter. The “Salty Sailor” shown above had amber & sandalwood oils. Here is what my friend Kelly thinks: “The tiny tub body butter is the perfect on-the-go remedy for my super dry hands.  I am always desperate to find relief for dry skin this time of year and most of my lotions are too cumbersome to bring out and about.  The body butter is soft, soothing and absorbs well.  The tiny tub is so cute – it has a permanent spot in my purse!”


“Suzy Sunshine” has the addition of grapefruit, giving it a gently sweet scent.


My friend Emily was happy to try the “Sensei Fashionista” body butter. Here are her thoughts: “We are loving the Sensei Fashionista body butter. It’s rich and soothing to my winter abused hands. My girls tell me I smell like a peppermint cookie.”



Treat your skin well with this well made product made with natural ingredients. Note that Judy is cooking up more products and will have new releases this spring.



You can find Vermont Natural Whipping Queen Whipped body butter at Dan & Whit’s in Norwich, VT, and Lebanon Cafe and Home Brew Supply in Lebanon, NH. You can also shop online. Encourage your local store to carry this  made in VT product. Use code TryVT1st to save 15% on your online order!


Click HERE to enter to win a great body butter gift pack from Vermont Natural Whipping Cream —> a Rafflecopter giveaway



Good luck! Think Spring!




27 thoughts on “Vermont Natural Whipping Queen Body Butter Giveaway

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  2. My favorite is Suzy Sunshine, I love the sheer glow and the delicious grapefruit scent. I quickly learned that because the body butter is organic and does not have alcohol or water (which happen to dry your skin out), it takes a minute or two for the body to absorb.

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