Rogue Radish Giveaway


Gina D’Amico, owner of Rogue Radish, explains that she opened her Etsy shop as her creative juices were flowing and she was working on ways to share her fine art photography: “At first the whole concept was pretty selfish, my pictures on my buttons. I wasn’t looking at it like a business, just to satisfy my urge to display my photographs. Immediately I was hooked on the idea of spreading my buttons to other people! That stemmed into magnets and then much much more. I really like the idea of little pieces of art in everyday life.”



Gina’s images range from nature themes, animals, iconic, playful, whimsical, holiday, and more and more and more. One of my favorite images is from the Valentine’s Day Phantom on Montpelier.



Gina’s most popular items are her magnet sets (pictured above) and her bottle open key chain. ” I can’t keep track of how many people have showed me there keys with one of my key chains on it or told me about their magnet covered fridge! To me, that’s an honor! People look at their keys and fridge (or locker) multiple times a day, and they’re willing to look at my picture?! That’s a great feeling.” -Gina



Two of my favorite items are the earrings and hair ties pictured above. They are both so unique, special, and fashionable. Check out the variety of earring from Rogue Radish here.

Zipper pull

Zipper pull

Starting at just $5, the Rogue Radish zipper pulls are an easy, fun gift. The peacock zipper pull above is now part of my daughter’s jacket and she loves to show it off.




Have fun looking around the Rogue Radish shop. Find a great array of products from mirrors to hair accessories to badge reels. Each piece is made by hand with one of Gina’s original images. Note that custom items are available too! Now your gift giving, part favor options are endless!!




You can find Rogue Radish at the BCA Artist Market attached to the Farmers Market in Burlington’s City Hall Park from May – October. You can also find Gina’s tiny earrings at Bella Boutique on Church St. in Burlington & Splash Naturals in Montpelier. If you are in Rutland look for these products at PURE.original on Center St.


All of the art products from Rogue Radish come beautifully and thoughtfully packaged. They make the most perfect gifts!


Gina is giving one lucky Try Vermont First reader a Vermont Gift Pack. Read details and ENTER HERE –> a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thanks for sharing your products and your art with us Gina!




9 thoughts on “Rogue Radish Giveaway

  1. I love the Peace sign barrettes, but I wear the tiny earrings everywhere!! They are my go-to accessory. Would love to get some new ones!! They are so versatile and I have them in a variety of colors to mix and match with my outfits. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  2. Gnome Ornament – Mythical Creature Holiday Ornament – Elf Mythical Fun – Dwarf Ornament – Original Image – Garden Lover Gift

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