Happy Valentine’s Day from Marsh Hollow


John Snell, owner of Marsh Hollow, has generously requested to send his limited edition Valentine Jam to FOUR lucky Try Vermont First readers!


This jam combines strawberries, cherries, and chocolate! Think outside of the box when planning how to enjoy this made-in-Vermont treat. I can envision shortbread cookies with Valentine’s Jam. Or pound cake and jam (warmed) with a bit of ice cream. What would you pair this jam with (a spoon?)?


Marsh Hollow continues to improve upon classic jams, while also coming up with amazingly creative flavors. Their Vermont Beer Jelly currently comes in three flavors: Switchback, Heady Topper, Magic Hat Circus Boy.


My mouth waters just thinking about Carrot Jam. It’s sweet and rich and a must have.


Read more about Marsh Hollow and be sure to LIKE their Facebook page – they appreciate your support!

Click and ENTER here to win —> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


Happy Hearts Week!


12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Marsh Hollow

  1. I’d pair this amazing jam with a small platter of Vermont soft and semi-soft cheeses, some Castleton crackers, and maybe a few nuts. This would be the perfect dessert to end a Valentine’s Day meal, or in my house, it might even be the whole meal!

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