Happy Valentine’s Day from Time Out For Whoopie


We are BIG fans of Time Out For Whoopie! My husband and my children go a little crazy when I mention whoopie pies. Readers, friends, and family are always yelling at me that THEY WANTED TO WIN THE LAST WHOOPIE PIE GIVEAWAY!

Well here is another giveaway from Time Out For Whoopie and I wish you luck!



Shannon Kadish, owner of Time Out For Whoopie, has been making these award winning treats for the last few years. She continues to create new flavor combinations and find ways to have fun with her food. Did you see her football pies for sale before the Superbowl?


Here’s a favorite flavor of mine: Coconut! It’s hard to say I have a favorite though, as I’ve enjoyed each pie that I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy!


Read more about Time Out For Whoopie and learn about their participation in ShopVT2014! Be sure to LIKE Time Out For Whoopie on Facebookthey appreciate your support! Shannon hosts giveaways on her Facebook page and you can follow her as she delivers 1,000 in 100 days to area non-profits and businesses.

Click and ENTER here to win —> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!





14 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Time Out For Whoopie

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  2. oh id have to gift it to my husband,he is a true Vermonter,he loves his whoopie pie,,to be honest ive never tried one,,im from TN and havent seen any there

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