Happy Valentine’s Day from Capitol Cupcake Cupcake Co.


Today’s delicious Valentine’s Day Giveaway is brought to you by Capitol Cupcake Co located in Montpelier. Owner Cyndy Golonka is treating you this holiday with a gift of your choosing! You can choose from her beautiful and tasty cupcakes or create a custom care package!


Host a Valentine’s Day party with these fun cupcakes! Invite the neighborhood kids…. or invite friends (and supply the wine!)



Thank you Cyndy for making this holiday a little sweeter and for hosting another fabulous giveaway! For your cake, cupcake, treats and more contact Capitol Cupcake!


Be sure to LIKE Capitol Cupcake Co on Facebookthey appreciate your support!

Click and ENTER here to win —> a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!




13 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Capitol Cupcake Cupcake Co.

  1. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday! Everyone is shocked and a little weirded out by me saying that but for me it all started as a little girl, we would wake up early to catch my dad before he left for work and we would have cake for breakfast, share our hand made valentines and tell each other how much we loved and appreciated each other. To this day I still make cake and force whomever I am living with to join in the tradition, I make valentines by hand and mail them close and far to family and friends! I would share these cupcakes with my co workers!

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