Vermont Maple Sriracha Giveaway + more!

Big Lenny’s Specialty Sauces has been making mustards and relishes for over 20 years in Rutland, VT. This past March Lenny and his friend Jackson Whelan collaborated to create something new: Vermont Maple Sriracha.



Here’s the short and sweet review from my husband: “Become really good friends with these guys! Tell your readers I said this stuff was amazing five times!”.

He gets right to the point. This product is a must have. It’s a must have for daily use. It’s a must have for gift giving. It’s a must have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Last week I received an email from Apple Mountain Gifts in Burlington. The owners wanted to make sure that I knew about Vermont Maple Sriracha, a product they keep selling out of (that’s a good thing!).

What makes this product unique? “Quality over quantity. We use the freshest ingredients we can find, and use no fillers or thickeners. Simple all natural ingredients combine to make one magical hot sauce. We make it the way we would want to eat ourselves, instead of finding the cheapest way to produce it.” ~Jackson


I have enjoyed Vermont Maple Sriracha on Shepard’s pie, pulled pork, pizza, chili and just a few drops in salad dressing. The possibilities are endless. Jackson enjoys spicing up his eggs each morning and has a great recipe for chicken wings on his website. There are lots of great recipes to try. This sriracha sauce has a medium heat and wonderful flavor.

Vermont Maple Sriracha was a nominee in Martha Stewart’s American Made competition. See details here. Find Vermont Maple Sriracha here there and everywhere!


I also want to tell you how much our family enjoyed Big Lenny’s mustards. Note that these did not last long at my house. They are delicious and versatile!

IMG_2789 IMG_2788


A friend sent me this recipe and I recommend that you try it soon, with your jar of Big Lenny’s mustard! Everyone loved this recipe – my husband found the flavors to be just bold enough, my son thought the chops were sweet and asked for seconds (plus dipping mustard!), I enjoyed how well the different ingredients married together. I will make this recipe again and again!


My friend Lauren is reviewing the Apple Cider Honey Mustard:

We gave the mustard a try one night with a ham dinner.  Usually the kids aren’t too interested in condiments with their ham but I asked them to give it a try.  It went over amazingly well…. my 4 -year old even dipped her asparagus in it!!  My husband, who always uses mustard when having ham, said it was delicious.  There was the slight hint of spice like brown mustard but then the sweetness kicked in and left you with a very mild flavor, which is why I think my kids enjoyed it so much.  I wasn’t overwhelmed with Apple cider flavor, but it was an excellent accompaniment to our dinner and I look forward to trying it with other dinners!


Lenny and Jackson – we thank you for sharing your great Vermont products with us. Now it’s time for YOU to enter to win gifts from Vermont Maple Sriracha and Big Lenny’s.


Click and ENTER HERE —– > a Rafflecopter giveaway



Good luck, stay spicy!


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