Bee’s Wrap – Food Storage Giveaway

What’s all the buzz about? What IS a Bee’s Wrap?


It is a fabric based food storage product that has been infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. This is revolutionary!

Bee’s Wrap started as a home based business and is currently located in a larger production setting in Bristol. Owner Sarah Kaeck tells us more:

Bee’s Wrap began with my love of making things and concerns about our environment.  Our family life revolves around the garden and kitchen.  That is to say we love food!  Finding a healthy sustainable storage solution was important to me and with the health safety of plastic in question and its danger to the environment, plastic was no longer a viable option for food storage..  As a stay at home mother of three I was also interested in bringing in additional income while staying home and available to my children.”


I asked Sarah what makes her product unique. Here is her answer: “There are not many viable sustainable products on the market that can replace plastic wrap.  Bee’s Wrap is made right here in Vermont, made of all natural ingredients and can be used to keep fresh a myriad of products- cheese, bread, baked goods, avocado, greens or fruit.  It is perfect for covering a bowl.  When it has run its course it can be composted or used as fire starter.


IMG_2697   IMG_2698

The Bee’s Wrap is so versatile! The pictures above show a bit of leftover lunch that I needed to save. I simply put them on the wrap and folded it up. There are step by step tutorial videos here.



The Bee’s Wrap can be used over and over again after cleaned with with mild dish soap and cold water.


You can find Bee’s Wrap in many stores in Vermont and all over the country. Find the complete list of retailers here. To see the full Bee’s Wrap collection of various sizes visit their website.



Enter to win a two Bee’s Wraps for your family! Click here to ENTER –> a Rafflecopter giveaway




 Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Bee’s Wrap – Food Storage Giveaway

  1. My sister got me a similar thing from Oregon. They are really neat, although I haven’t actually tried it yet! I’d love to send one to her from Vermont!

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