Vermont Cottage Works Giveaway


Vermont Cottage Works was years…. decades in the making. Owner Jean Grover knew for a long time that she wanted to create useful things with her hands, just as generations before her had done, but it took awhile for her to get there.


“I am a fifth generation Vermonter, born and raised in the wonderful Green Mountain State. My parents were both raised on small farms, growing up during the Great Depression. I mention this because I would not have been taught thrift, self-reliance, and the value of a dollar handed down from my grandmother to my mother had it not been for the hardships they endured. Both of these wonderful women made their own braided rugs from old wool coats left over from rummage sales, and quilts from my old pajamas and my fathers’ worn shirts. I remember putting my heel through a worn sheet on my bed one morning. When I came home from school my mother had made pillowcases from the sections that were still “good”. All our pillowcases were beautifully embroidered or tatted. Gorgeous hooked rugs adorned my Aunts’ floors. All these art forms were born out of necessity, and these skills were handed down by mothers to their daughters in order for them to maintain households of their own.  While my mother was always making quilts for our church and the Ladies Aid Society, as a teenager I did not share her enthusiasm for sewing.  I would rather have fun with my friends, and later I was focused on my career in nursing.  I married and raised two wonderful boys.  Now that they have grown, I have reached back to my roots and discovered the satisfying feeling of making things with my hands.  I opened my Etsy shop, Vermont Cottage Works.”



These compact pet bags are as useful as they are cute! Fill the bag with disposable bags, treats, and your keys. Then clip it to your leash and head to to enjoy time with your best friend.


My sister in law is beautifully modeling this infinity scarf from Vermont Cottage Works. The cotton fabric is soft and the pattern is eye catching. It’s simply lovely! I love the variety of fabrics that Jean has in her shop.


Now… meet one of my favorite new items in my kitchen. I showed it to my sister in law and she agreed that this is a genius idea! This is a microwave soup bowl cozy. My previously burnt hands are thanking me now. Simply place your standard sized bowl in the cozy before you put it into the microwave, and when your meal is heated you can easily get it out without causing yourself pain.

Best idea of the year!


I have used mine countless times in the few weeks that I’ve had it. Be sure to get one for everyone you love.


Jean’s talents don’t stop there! Below is the gift set she will send to one lucky Try Vermont First reader:

2014-01-10 12.50.27


Click here to ENTER HERE to win this gift: ——–> a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!


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