Tiny Gang Giveaway


Tiny Gang Designs opened in May of this year but started with a promise made long ago between two friends in sixth grade. Stephanie Farrell and Katie Wilhite made a vow to one day open a shop to share their doodles and drawings with the world.


I asked Katie where their shop name came from and she shared this: “The name Tiny Gang Designs reflects just the two of us hanging out, doing what we love to do and having fun while we do it! We hang out like a little gang and draw and design (while listening to Beyonce most of the time). We’re a little weird, a little quirky and a little silly – which we try to showcase in our cards.”


I really love sending and receiving mail, and I encourage my children to send mail to friends, grandparents, great grandparents, and cousins. Tiny Gang cards are exceptionally simple, and very eye catching. Their playfulness, fun fonts, and colorful drawings bring smiles!


Katie tells us that their “Whale, Whale, Whale” card is one of the best sellers. Her personal favorite is “You’re A Real Gem“. Check out one of my favorites here.


Who would you like to send a card to? And for what occasion? I like to send “Thinking of You” cards, because I so often am thinking of those that I love who I can not see everyday. I want them to know they are on my mind. Sending them a Tiny Gang card will be like sending a hug.


Stephanie and Katie would like to send YOU cards that you can send and share. Simply ENTER HERE TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember to LIKE Tiny Gang Designs on Facebook!

Send a smile,



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