Sarita’s Bagitas Giveaway

Sarita Baker has been making re-useable bags for her children for years. Upon visiting her children’s school and seeing a great amount of plastic bag waste, she decided to start her business: Sarita’s Bagitas.


Her business mission is simple: “To reduce our carbon footprint on the earth by eliminating plastic bags.”


We pack snacks everyday. Snacks for school, snacks for after dance class, snacks for long car rides. Sometimes I look at our snacks and they look more like mini meals. It’s been great to pack a Bagita for each kid. The bags are big enough to hold a few things: fruit, crackers, cereal, nuts, and more!


Each bag is 7×7 inches. They are made with 100% cotton and lined with nylon which is washes easily. The entire opening can be closed with a single velcro strip. The strip is sturdy enough to stay completely closed, yet can be opened easily by both of my young children. Each bag is BPA free and Phthalates free.


Each bag also has a name tag. This is the first time that I have seen this unique feature… and I like it!


I shared bags with my friend Aubrey and when I gave them to her she first remarked about how much she liked the fabric and then said “Nametag? Genius!”. Here is her review of Sarita’s Bagitas: “My daughter packs snack in these every morning and we love them! It’s great to have found an alternative to disposable plastic baggies and the fabrics are super cute too! The directions said to just shake out crumbs b/w uses and this works great (we haven’t had to launder them yet). I would recommend picking up a few if you haven’t already!”


Here is my favorite fabric. It’s bold, it’s fun, it’s eye catching!


Another friend, Kelly, shares her review of Sarita’s Bagitas: “The Bagitas snack bag has been perfect for keeping the assortment of little snacks I always take with us on-the-go together. Instead of loose raisin boxes and cheese sticks disappearing in my bag, all of our food is contained and easy to grab. Plus, the colors and patterns are really fun too!”


I could list 100 things that you can use Sarita’s Bagitas for. I’ll start with ten:


*School snacks and lunches
*Breakfast in the car
*Picnic in the park
*Play date with a friend
*Pine-cone collecting (no one said they were just for food!)
*Sneaking snacks into a movie theater
*Healthy snacks before ice cream treats
*Snacks for the football game
*Puzzle pieces
*Trail mix



To care for these products simple wipe them clean. Making the change from using many plastic bags everyday to using one (or more) of Sarita’s Bagitas can be a very easy change, and though the change is small the impact is large!
You can find Sarita’s Bagitas at Healthy Living, South Burlington, VT and Saratoga, NY, Natural Provisions Market, Williston, VT, Lantman’s, Hinesburg, VT, Richmond Market, Richmond, VT, Shelburne Supermarket, Shelburne, VT, City Market, Burlington, VT, Vermont HoneyLights, Bristol, VT, Naturally Grown, Troy, NY, Rutland Natural Foods Coop,  Rutland, VT, Myer’s Bagel Bakery, Burlington, VT. I recommend requesting Bagitas at your local Coop, food store, kitchen supply store.

Would you like to win a 6 pack of Sarita’s Bagitas which includes 2 mini Bagitas?



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24 thoughts on “Sarita’s Bagitas Giveaway

  1. So many cute patterns. Glad to know there is a local source for snack bags… Trying to use less plastic, but it’s not always very convenient!

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