Juma’s Joy Giveaway For Pets



Meet Indie, the newest member of our family. She is almost 10 puppy months old and loves to P.L.A.Y! She’s pretty cute too, right?


Indie, and our older pup Daisy, are happy to share their reviews for Juma’s Joy. Juma’s joy comes from the toys that her owner Sara Chard makes from the heart. Playful toys made to last.


Our dogs are always happy to get new toys. While Indie likes to be wild and crazy with her new toys, Daisy would like to bring them to her bed and cuddle with them. You can see from the picture above that Indie snagged all of the new toys and is hoarding them.


Sara makes a variety of braided rope toys designed to be more gentle on dog’s teeth. They make for great tug tsoy, especially for two dogs. Indie has been known to take her toy and toss it up in the air and play a game of catch with it by herself.



Sara also knits cat toys and fills them with catnip. I don’t have a cat so I shared this toy with my friend Emily. Here are her thoughts: “I’m upstairs and I hear all this thumping and bumping. Hmmmm then I realize its my cat Lilly ( a respectable 12 years old lazy lady).  She rarely plays this much. All honesty I thought she might be having a seizure.  Great toy big thanks for sharing!”



WIN your favorite pet a new toy from Juma’s Joy! We will choose two winners and each can choose two items!



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck… now go PLAY with your pet,



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