Boysenberry Giveaway

From the fashion houses in Paris to her own home in Rochester, Beth Frock from Boysenberry, has been designing clothes for the last 20+ years. Her first job was creating ballet and dance costumes. She has spent time designing everything from coats to swimwear to Halloween costumes!



While pregnant with her daughter, Beth found it frustrating that most baby clothes were gender specific and because she did not know whether she was having a boy or a girl she started to make colorful clothes that could work for either. Her current line of clothes is bright and she creates playful color combinations.

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Beth shares more information about the start up of her business: “My business started as a home based shop making to order whatever anyone asked for. Fleece was the new rage here then, although not so well known to me. Because of customer demand I started working with fleece fabrics. Having lost my job to “made in China”,  I was so happy to find that the best source of the best quality fleece was made in USA in nearby Massachusetts: at that time called Malden Mills, where fleece was invented.  I began my love affair with their fabrics. Now called Polartec®, the fabrics they produce continue to be premium quality, durable and long lasting, easy care wash and dry and resist pilling wash after wash, and needless to say maybe: colorful!”


Beth has now opened a store which is located in Rochester at 61 North Main Street, in the same building as the Rochester Cafe. You can make an order online anytime at

I was thrilled to receive this lime green fleece vest from Boysenberry. I like to be warm, and like to have my neck covered, so a vest is perfect for me. This vest is very soft, fits well and is a lovely color. I think that I would like to get one in every color.


Meet sweet baby Rosemary. She is ready for the snow to fly! She will stay warm this winter in this fleece hat in a salmon color. I really like the pattern on this hat, as well as the time that Beth has taken add stitching details and an under-neck closure (a must with babies!).





How will you stay warm this fall and winter? With Boysenberry of course! The winner of our Boysenberry Giveaway will have a choice of any hat on their website.

Flock of hatscache_240_240_0_100_80_Teal and blue velcro hat

CLICK here to ENTER this giveaway:


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Good luck, and stay warm!
~Honi & Rosemary



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