Lotus and Lily Giveaway


The creation of Lotus and Lily was out of one family’s need and one mother’s determination. Owner Marcie Taff set out to make high quality and all natural products for her children who have allergies and chemical sensitivities. After Marcie’s friends and family asked her for products she saw a market and started selling her products online and locally.


My family was first introduced to Lotus and Lily by my sister in law, who found these fun soaps at her local health food store. My niece and nephew loved their new and fun soap and wanted to get these soaps to share with their cousins. My son has been scrubbing extra hard to find the hidden toy inside his bar of soap. This idea of hidden toys is a favorite of Marcie’s son, Finnigan too. What a great concept!



Here is more information about Lotus and Lily soaps, from Marcie: “Lotus and Lily’s mission is to produce All Natural/Organic Products that are locally sourced when available, Hand Made in Small Batches, contain No Parabens, NO Artificial Colors or Flavors, NO SLS, are safe and beneficial for your family.  Our products contain Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, which are the volatile liquids distilled from plants. They are Nature’s Medicine. We use them in our lives every day as a family and in our products to share the amazing healing benefits with you. The baby products are skin friendly, made for sensitive baby skin. Includes a Sensitive Skin Soak for bath time made from Oat Powder, Lavender, Rose, Calendula Flowers, Dead Sea Salts. Calendula,Rose, Lavender Infused Massage Oil. Calendula Healing Salve for rough skin, excema, cradle cap, diaper rash, boo boo’s and more.”




My beautifully fair skinned cousin Jessica tried Lotus and Lily’s Sunburn Soother for me and here is her review: “I did use the sunburn so other and I love it! It is cool without being cold (like the green aloe gel), it is much easier to put on yourself especially your back, It smells great. I don’t think the cooling sensation lasts quite as long as the gel but all the other plusses more than make up for that one thing! Thanks for letting me try this out”

IMG_9327 IMG_9328

Jessica also used the Sweet Dreams Bath Soak for her twin girls who are 3.5 years old. She writes: “It smelled amazing and seemed to relax the girls I bet it works wonders with real little ones.”



My friend Talitha is a massage therapist. She is also a mom of three young children. She offered to use the Massage bar from Lotus and Lily on her daughter who started school last month and had a hard time getting to sleep. Here are her thoughts: “I used the massage bar on Mayla’s back last night and it was great. Lovely scent, and a perfect glide/friction ratio for massage. She asked for it again tonight and it really helps her turn off her brain… sleep has been tricky this week despite being exhausted.”


I have a Super Hero at my house. He is six and he just started first grade. It takes a lot out of a child to be their perfect little self all day. I love the idea of a Super Hero spray that uses essential oils including lemon and lavender to help keep kids calm and enjoying their day.


Check out the Lotus and Lily Etsy shop and surprise your kids with new fun soap! Get a puzzle soap kit and give one color to each child in your family.


ENTER here to win a Kid’s Wellness Kit from Lotus and Lily!

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Good luck!


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  2. I have never heard of or tried these products. Thank you Try Vermont First for showing me all these amazing companies that I never knew existed!!

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