Vermont Maple Granola Giveaway


I am a very lucky blogger! Very lucky to be able to taste test amazing granola from The Vermont Maple Granola Co. I photographed and opened each package on the day that I received them. I had to, they looked beyond delicious! Ten minute later two bags were half gone.

Beth Vickers has been making and selling granola for six years. She started at her local farmer’s market and has since expanded her business with the help of a commercial kitchen in her own home. Beth balances her home based business with raising her three young children.


Vermont maple syrup is one of the key ingredients in Beth’s products. She told us more about her special ingredient: “Using local maple syrup to sweeten the granola has always been central to creating this product, and I source the syrup almost exclusively from a family farm in North Bennington, where the farmer also grows sunflowers and other oil crops including canola that I use when available. The farm also produces its own biodiesel from the vegetable oils to run their tractors. The maple syrup is exclusively produced using a wood-fired evaporator using wood from the farm.”


My favorite granola was the Maple Cherry Pecan. It has already become a staple in my home! The dried cherries are plump and chewy and the nuts add a bit of earthy richness. I ate this by the handful. My son actually asked me why I didn’t share this granola with him and his sister.


My son’s favorite granola was the Blueberry Pomegranate Ginger Granola. He loved the flavor burst from the dried ginger and the dried blueberries that are plentiful in this granola.


Beth tells us that the Maple Oat Nut is her best seller: “The bestseller is the Maple Oat Nut, one or our original and simplest varieties, which is quite popular sold in bulk through my website. With the continued popularity of the original Maple Oat Nut, we may soon offer it in the new 12 oz packaging as well.”.


My friend Emily and her daughters are reviewing the Maple Oat Nut granola for me: “My girls and I really enjoyed the granola.  My eldest liked all the different kinds of nuts.  My youngest like that the granola was sweet but not to sweet.  I appreciated that it was a delicious nutritious and quick breakfast that both girls would eat on crazy school mornings.”



Another popular item from The Vermont Maple Granola Co is their classic trailmix. The combination of crunchy maple granola with roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cashews, wheat-free tamari almonds, Belgian dark chocolate wafers, whole dried cranberries, and jumbo raisins is a great mix of textures. Eat it fast before your kids find it!

Read more about these products and more at The Vermont Maple Granola Co’s website.



Beth is hosting a very generous giveaway for Try Vermont First readers. Enter to be one of three winners! Stock up on granola for your own family, or for gifts and use the coupon code TRYVTFIRST for 15% off your online order (my son has already told me what to re-order for him).

ENTER HERE to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Good luck!


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