Another Giveaway from Grannie Snow



This Spring we introduced you to Grannie (Brenda) Snow, author of The Silas Series.  This series of children’s books are sweet stories that my children have enjoyed listening to over and over again. Previously we shared the first book in the series: Big Ole Striped Silas. We are now happy to share the next book in the series: Silas Gets a Sister.


Each book is written with soothing, rhyming cadence and is delightful for both young and old readers (ie: me!). This books brings out emotions from both Grannie, who is still feeling a void in her family, and of Silas, who is a bit lonely.


Illustrator Matthew Gauvin has outdone himself again with his lovely work! He brings life to the animals in the story in a fun and playful way.


Grannie Snow wants readers to know that this is a series of books and the third book is already in production (Silas Gets a Sister is a bit of a cliffhanger!!). Visit her website and order directly from her.


One of the best parts about writing a book is sharing your book! Grannnie Snow is hosting a second (very generous) giveaway with Try Vermont First readers! Three lucky people will win a copy of Silas Gets a Sister and one winner will win a personal reading (for a daycare, school, church group of your choice).



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14 thoughts on “Another Giveaway from Grannie Snow

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  2. I went to high school with this very talented illustrator…. I would love to be able to win this book and share it with my children!!

  3. I want to get the series asap to read to my son, Silas. He’s two and was fascinated to hear about stories of a cat that shares his name.

  4. Can’t wait to read this book. Granny Snow came to my school to read her first book…the kids loved it! Beautiful book and story and Granny was very sweet! I hope I win again!

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