Kat’s Paws Giveaway


I love a good small business story. And I love a good family story. Kat’s Paws is a mother and daughter team making a vareity of sewn products from bibs to bags to coasters and more! Daughter owner Kat Salemno tells us more about the start of her business: “My mom taught me how to sew when I was a kid. Since then, she and I have sewn and quilted many gifts for others. People often ask where we bought the purses and other things we have made for each other, so we decided to start selling our work. We have also done a few craft fairs in recent years under my mom’s business name, but I specialized in other products, so for a while, we kept our businesses separate. In January of this year, we joined forces under my business name (Kat’s Paws), made it official, and put all of our products in my Etsy shop. Since then, we have sold nearly 300 items (through Etsy, at the beCAUSE Show, and the Maple Fest in St. Albans). We ship worldwide through Etsy, and have sold products to customers in Australia, the UK, and Canada. We both have a room in our house dedicated to just sewing! Having our business means we can keep shopping for shopping for fabric (which we love), trying new patterns and ideas, and we get to spend lots of time working together.”


One of the best sellers in the Kat’s Paws store is their coaster sets. Currently there are over 80 different sets listed in their Etsy shop (some at great sale prices too!). Coasters are a great gift item and something that everyone needs and uses. The set that Kat sent me is made with bright and vibrant fabrics. They are expertly sewn and are already being put to good use.


Reversible baby and toddler bibs are another best seller for Kat’s Paws. Let’s be honest… kids are messy eaters, especially when making the transition to feeding themselves. It’s nice to have something soft, functional, and practical to keep the food off of their clothing.

Kat’s Paws can also make custom products for you. If you have a fabric/pattern in mind contact them!


Beautiful baby model Kaitlyn showing off her reversible bib while enjoying a picnic snack. (The reverse side with numbers is shown above.)


The picture above shows my kitchen counter, AKA Grand Central. Here is my to do list, my computer, art work from my kids, notes, bills, my phone, and more. It looks 100 times better than it usually does thanks to the cord keeper that Kat sent me. Thank you for helping me to stay organized!



You can find Kat’s Paws products on their Etsy page. Mark your calendar for December 3rd from 9am to 3pm and plan to meet Kat and see her products first hand at the Holiday Bazaar at UVM’s Davis Center.


Take a moment to LIKE Kat’s Paws on Facebook. As a fan you will be the first to learn of sales, discount codes, and more. With the code FALL14TEN Try Vermont First readers will take 10% off their order of $5 of more through Sept. 30. Happy shopping!

Kat and her mom will send one lucky Try Vermont First reader a gift from their collection. Enter below to WIN this giveaway:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!



12 thoughts on “Kat’s Paws Giveaway

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  2. Oh, goodness! Such lovely patterns, and interesting ways to use fabric. I’ve never seen such pretty cord keepers! The bibs and coasters are all beautiful – I can think of several people who might enjoy these gorgeous selections.

  3. Such colorful, beautiful products. The pillows (shown on their etsy site) really caught my eye!!! Love that it’s a mom/daughter team!

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