Back to School Giveaway 2014

One of my favorite things about living in Vermont is the constant change. Change in seasons, time, and life. Summer in Vermont is lovely, and it ends all too soon! In just a few short weeks, or days for some, children will be starting a new season, a new school year. To celebrate the back to school season we are hosting our second annual “Back to School” Giveaway.


We thank each company for being part of this giveaway and we ask that you like/follow them on social media and keep them in mind when you need a gift, a snack, or a unique Vermont product. Take a look at the great prizes in this giveaway:



Meet The Multiples will send our winners a set of their educational dinner plates. My children really enjoy learning how to skip count (and multiply) while enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meet the Multiples is also working with families, PTOs, and schools to put their products into cafeterias around the state and beyond. LIKE Meet The Multiples on Facebook and learn more about these products here.

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My son was recently asked what he likes me to pack for him in his lunchbox and he responded “meat sticks!”. We stock up each week and have them ready to pack, ready to go, and ready to snack on. Vermont Smoke and Cure will send each winner a box of RealSticks. Like Vermont Smoke and Cure on Facebook and learn more about their products here.



Did you know that Alaina’s Mosaics was started by a young Vermont entrepreneur at the age of 13? She has turned her colorful mixed media collages into cards (use as a first week of school thank you to the teacher!) and also an ABC book, which is very inspiring to young artists. Win a copy of Alaina’s book in this giveaway! LIKE Alaina’s Mosaics on Facebook and learn more about her business here.




Kids need a lot of supplies and gear when they head back to school. Find all the things on y our list at Kids City in South Burlington. They are sure to have everything that you need including nap mats, lunch bags, back packs, food storage, reusable bags, shoes, rain-wear and more! Kid City will send each winner a $50 gift card! LIKE Kid City on Facebook!



Here is a pantry must – a few jars of your favorite jam from Marsh Hollow. Top your favorite bakery bread or breakfast French toast with a Blueberry Almond Jam (each winner will receive a jar!). Or use a delicious jam as a base for your dinner marinade or dressing. LIKE Marsh Hollow on Facebook and learn more about this Central VT company here.



Win a beautiful, hand made bar of soap named Unicorn Poop (insert non stop giggles from my six year old) from Sapling Naturals. These soaps smell great, clean amazingly, and are really fun for kids (and adults!). LIKE Sapling Naturals on Facebook and learn more about this company right here.



At any given time it’s likely that you will find Vermont Village Applesauce in my pantry or fridge. It is the only store bought applesauce I will buy for my kids. It’s thick and delicious and comes in six flavors. When doing your back to school grocery shopping make sure to get Vermont Village Applesauce. LIKE Vermont Village Applesauce on Facebook! Learn more about Vermont Village Applesauce here.




Bug and Bot offers a large selection of personalized gifts for the kids you love- lunch boxes, water bottles, puzzles and more! Both of our Back to School Giveaway winners will receive a personalized lunchbox from Bug and Bot. LIKE Bug and Bot on Facebook and learn more about this playful company here.



Fall at CC Outdoor Store


The CC Outdoor Store in Waterbury, VT is the place to go for your outdoor gear needs and they carry a great selection of backpacks too! Our winners will each receive a $25 gift certificate towards a new backpack.. LIKE CC Outdoor Store on Facebook and stay tuned to Try Vermont First to learn more about this company.



It would be great to have a sweet treat from Time Out For Whoopie to celebrate your child’s first week back at school. Or enjoy your dozen mini traditional whoopie pies yourself in celebration of your child’s first week back at school! LIKE Time Out For Whoopie on Facebook and learn more about this sweet company here.



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Best of luck, with the school year ahead, and this giveaway!





33 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway 2014

  1. I have had Vermont Smoke and Cure products and Vermont Village Applesauce products, but that’s it!! Would love to try/experience the other companies!

  2. I have bought and used many many times Sapling Natures soaps. We love them in this house! Great for dry skin,great combos in smells,and the prices are wonderful.

  3. I love VT Smoke & Cure Real sticks!! And am planning to order some Time about for Whoopie pies to send as part of a care package to my sister stationed in Korea!

  4. You put such a great goodie basket together, Honi!! Such a lucky thing for ANY child to receive. Nice job and thank you for doing what you’re doing!

  5. We love VT Smoke and Cure, Kids City, and VT applesauce (especially the new pouches we just found at our local grocery). Unicorn poop is great! I have never heard of it but I can’t wait to get it as gifts for a few kiddos that will appreciate its humor greatly.

  6. Love it lots of great items here we love VT applesauce. I would love the lunchboxes for my girls and the unicorn poop soap would be a big hit here

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