Chocolate Hollow Giveaway


I would like to make your day a little bit sweeter, with a twist.


Chocolate Hollow, based in Burlington, is making luxurious vegan chocolate bars. Owner  Madeleine Siegel began making her own chocolate after her parents gave her a cacao stone grinder as a gift. She started experimenting with making Schmilk bars – vegan milk chocolate bars – and currently is producing seven different bars, with more in the works.


This vegan, organic chocolate bar is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. I blindly taste tested this bar and would not have been able to tell you that it was dairy free.

I shared it with my friend Jill and here are her thoughts: “Not being a big chocolate bar fan, I wasn’t sure how I was going to really like this. On top of it all it being a Vegan chocolate. Let me just say it totally surprised me! I thought it was so yummy. It tasted just like milk chocolate. You wouldn’t know that there wasn’t any milk in it. It was very creamy, with the perfect cocoa taste. I even saved a piece for Mom to try and she said she gives it a thumbs up. I would defiantly sit down and eat this chocolate bar anytime.“.



Look at how loaded this chocolate bar is! This Hazelnut bar is a Schmilk style chocolate with lightly toasted hazelnuts. I ate this bar first and will admit that it was gone very shortly after I started it. It was very rich and addicting.


If you enjoy hazelnut as much as I do I would like to recommend that you try this Hazelnut Truffle Log ASAP! It is amazing! I cut mine into bite size pieces and limited myself to one a day, because I wanted to make it last. The inside of this bar is filled with a hazelnut gianduja, which means it is creamy, thick, and a bit like fudge. This happens to be Madeleine’s best selling bar.



The Fruit and Nut bar was another favorite bar of mine. It was loaded with chewy dried cherries and crunchy toasted almonds. I enjoyed the different textures set in Schmilk chocolate.


Though I seem to have no photos of it, but friend Hannah wants to tell you about the Toffee Crunch bar.

“Chocolate Hollow’s Toffee Crunch is a Beautifully balanced smooth and creamy chocolate with a delightful crunch of light and buttery toffee.  Delicious! A locally made, vegan chocolate that is organic and fair trade certified, means this is an  indulgence to feel good about!” -Hannah


You can find Chocolate Hollow products at City Market, New Moon Café, Natural Provisions, Sweet Clover Market, UVM at Henderson’s Café, Top of the Block Sandwich Shoppe, the Peace and Justice Center, Pingala Café, Evolution Yoga, and online.


Madeleine would like you to try her wonderful chocolate bars. She is giving away a deluxe variety pack with one of each of her 7 bars. We will choose one lucky winner and you MUST enter HERE to WIN:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Show your support for this growing VT business and LIKE Chocolate Hollow on Facebook.





27 thoughts on “Chocolate Hollow Giveaway

  1. Oh how do you chose? I’m pregnant it all sounds AMAZING! My teeth might not love the toffee crunch though. lol How about the hazelnut!

  2. Hm…I don’t think my first comment went through. I wanted to say that I tried a bit of these last year and they were SO GOOD! I would have never known there was no milk in them if I hadn’t looked at the package.

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