Time Out for a Giveaway!

Get ready to wish that you had a virtual computer screen that allowed you take the amazing desserts you will now see and eat them immediately. I can’t create this magic for you, but I can offer you a great giveaway with Time Out For Whoopie. This is our second time hosting a giveaway with Shannon Kadish, owner of Time Out For Whoopie. We are always happy to taste test her new flavors and to share them with you. Read more about Shannon’s start up here.


First I want to tell you where you can find Time Out For Whoopie (pies!). Look for them at the Cat Pause convenience store in the UVM Davis Center, Apple Farm Market in South Hero, and occasionally on the menu at the Blue Paddle Bistro in South Hero. Of course you can also buy them directly from Shannon’s website as well and there you will see the full list of different pies she makes.


Let’s start with the clear favorite in our house: Chocolate Cherry Whoopie Pies. This sweet little pie taste JUST like a cherry cordial candy. The cake is filled with different textures: the soft cake, the chewy cherries and crunchy mini chocolate chips. Yum, everyone wanted another cherry pie!



This sweet little S’mores Whoopie Pie has a surprise inside that caught me off guard.  The trio of graham cracker cakes, marshmallow filling and Hershey’s chocolate will take you to your favorite summer campfire memories. This cake is so creative and would make a perfect end of summer/back to school treat.


My three year old daughter and I both tried the Coconut Whoopie Pie first and were happy with our choice. The filling is so smooth and there is a perfect balance of cake and filling.


When in Vermont…..

Here is a classic Vermont whoopie pie: Maple Walnut. Shannon uses maple syrup from Poor Farm Sugarworks in Colchester in both the cake and the filling. It’s a double maple blast. This will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Alert the maple festivals… they should all have these treats!


Peanut butter and chocolate go so very well together. This cake was rich and moist (did I remember that it was Gluten Free? No, I didn’t!). The filling had a deep peanut butter flavor. One little pie was completely satisfying. Note: Have Milk!


I sent whoopie pies to my friend Barb to try too. Here is her review:

“Some of the best whoopie pies I have ever had!  Gluten free chocolate with peanut butter filling was my favorite whoopie pie.  I would have never known it was gluten free.  The maple walnut whoopie pie was a treat.  Maple wasn’t too sweet and the walnuts added a nice texture.  The chocolate in the s’more whoopie pie tasted just like a Hersey chocolate bar and I loved that it was slightly hard. Just like the s’mores I make because I don’t have the patience to wait for the chocolate to melt. Delicious whoopie pies!!!”



That’s my blogging station (more like the Grand Central Station of our home). A well fed blogger is a happy blogger.

A note to Shannon… my husband enjoyed every flavor and mentioned that he would like larger pies. I’ll order minis for mama and the kids next time, and large for Daddy.

It’s that time again… time for a giveaway. Be sure to LIKE Time Out For Whoopie on Facebook for extra entries (let’s help them get to 1000 LIKES this week!). Remember this growing VT business when you need something sweet, party favors, gifts.


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  3. Current favorites in my house: coconut, chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter. Now I want to try the chocolate cherry and s’mores 🙂

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