Healing Earth Giveaway


We are happy to host another giveaway with Healing Earth Vermont Herbals. Find our previous review and giveaway here.

Today I would like to tell you about the all natural and DEET free bug repellants that Healing Earth’s owner Cathleen Keogh is making. Ingredients include sweet almond oil, beeswax and essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, geranium, sweet birch and cedarwood. Note that Cathleen does not add citronella. She said that she doesn’t care for the scent and find that others feel the same way. The repellant not only repels VT’s buggiest bugs but the essential oils make it great for your skin too.

“I had a friend take our Bug Repellent on safari in Africa where she said they had the least bites and best protection of the whole group.” ~Cathleen


New this year is the Bug Repellent Stick. Pack this in any bag and don’t worry about a spilling, sticky liquid. The sticks are very convenient and easy to use.


I appreciate that Cathleen has taken the time to perfect a bug repellent recipe that I only wish I could make (thanks for the motivation Pinterest, but…….).  I am confident using these products on myself and my children (they are also safe on pets!) and goodness knows that with the great variety of VT bugs, we need these!

Now it’s your turn to try these VT made products! Click here to learn more and to ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway prizes:

spraybug_lcp0091 heal_salve_lcp4491aches_away

Find Healing Earth Vermont Natural’s products near you!

Bug off!


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