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This year my son’s favorite snack in kindergarten was the kale chips the chef made. She started with local kale, added a little olive oil and salt, baked until crisp and boom…. she had a whole school eating a healthy and wholesome snack. Early in the year each child was sent home with an Eat More sticker. Soon the school parking lot looked like a green Eat More Kale dot to dot game.


This is Bo Muller-Moore, the man behind Eat More Kale. Bo, a native of Tennessee, lives in Central VT and plans to stay here forever. With a t-shirt screen printing kit that had been given to him as a gift Bo created “CHEESE” shirts for first himself and then his friends and co workers. (Bo, I want one!) Shortly after Bo and his wife adopted a 20 year old autistic young man and Bo found that printing shirts was a positive, creative outlet for both of them. They printed a variety of shirts and sold them at local farmer’s markets. Bo’s friends from High-Ledge Farm special ordered shirts that said “Eat More Kale” in hopes to promote the crop that was so plentiful on their farm that year. Bo says that he didn’t give the order much thought, he just cut the stencil, printed, and delivered the shirts.


What happened next? “The idea became “viral” before people knew what “viral” was, then quickly spread to all corners of the world.” ~Bo


You can find Eat More Kale shirts all around Vermont and New England. Check out their website and you will find shirts for men, women, and children, as well as merchandise that includes hats, magnets, Frisbees, yoga mats and much more. Contact Bo if you are interested in ordering a large quantity of wholesale shirts. You will find a variety of shirts online including “cheese”, “compost”, and “organic”.


By the way… how do you like your KALE? We like our kale in smoothies, with a few peaches (or bananas) and our favorite VT yogurt. Eat (or drink!) More Kale… try it! Find more kale recipes here.

IMG_8004 IMG_7992

(Photos taken by my six year old.)

Eat More Kale has both stayed local (with printing help from Beavin & Son’s in Montpelier when times were busy) and gone global (selling shirts around the world). I have enjoyed learning more about Bo’s story and am proud to wear my Eat More Kale shirt and support this business. I am happy to share Eat More Kale with Try Vermont First readers. Enter below to WIN an Eat More Kale shirt for yourself (maybe Bo will also send you an Eat More Kale sticker – he gives our over 100,000 FREE every year). Look for a fun doodle on your package in the mail… Bo surely is having fun with what he is doing!

One more note… be SURE to LIKE Eat More Kale on Facebook because Bo hosts giveaways OFTEN. On Facebook you will also learn of great deals and special offers.



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16 thoughts on “Eat More Kale Giveaway

  1. I love everything about kale! Raw as a snack, in my salads, smoothies, soups.. I like it roasted, plain, or seasoned! And its nutritious.

  2. I like kale in soups, sauteed beside my eggs in a skillet for cold weather breakfast, in raw salads…I work in organic produce at a co-op and am so glad I work on the side with Kale!

  3. I love the health benefits of kale. We mostly cook it with onions and tomatoes or use it in meatballs to give an extra iron boost.

  4. Love Bo and Eat More Kale!! My daughter prefers to drink her kale. I like it almost every way I’ve tried it!! Sauted,in soup, in smoothies,as a chip…mmmm.

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