Dell’Amore Sauce Giveaway


I have a confession…. for years I have seen Dell’Amore jars of sauce at my local grocery store and I never knew it was made in Vermont. The jar stands out, is eye catching, and appealing. I am sorry that I never took the time to read the label.

And now that I have read the label and learned more I have a new favorite jarred sauce!


Frank Dell’Amore shares his start up story and inspiration with us: “All inspiration for me came from my mom and my grandma.I always loved to help my mom in the kitchen when i was a kid.   She was an unbelievable cook.  My grandma (her picture is on the label) and my mom would make magic in the kitchen….so creative….on top of making THE BEST traditional southern italian food. I started a food/pizza business in the 70’s while a student at  Plattsburgh State.   Made my mom s  pizza recipe at the Monopole Bar/ Restaurant.  That pizza is still being sold there today, although I’m no longer a part of the business there. Opened Filomena’s pizza in Burlington in 1980. Began bottling the spaghetti sauce in 1986 at 5am in the pizzeria. Been making it in Colchester since 1993.”



Here are reviews from my friends and family:


“We tried the Dell’Amore Savory Olive marinara sauce on two pizzas tonight with two other VT products (Cabot Mozz Cheese and VT Smoke and Cure Smoked Pepperoni). We thought the marinara was full flavor with nice large chunks of kalamata olives. It paired perfectly with the pepperoni and cheese for this kids. Us big kids had it with mushrooms, black olives, onions, broccoli, and a few slices of the pepperoni.” ~Barb


We tried the sauce tonight-it said Spicy and of course that made {my daughter} excited.  It was really nice for jarred sauce {and} definitely had a kick! ~Emily


“We tried the Sweet Basil sauce, served over whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs. Upon tasting it, my first thought was that it tasted authentic. It was very flavorful and a bit sweet and reminded me of a rich sauce that would be made and served in a true, authentic Italian restaurant. Our whole family loved it, and I plan to pick up some more!” ~Sarah



My own family has tried the Original Recipe and the Spicy Recipe. I loved both and am partial to the spicy because this is how I enjoy my marinara. Both tasted incredibly fresh and natural. Frank and his team have the perfect balance of sweet, salty, savory. The ingredients are simple and all from the US. I asked Frank what their best sellers are and he said that Original, Basil & Garlic, and then Spicy.

IMG_7145 - Copy

You can find Dell’Amore products in Hannaford stores, Costco,  Healthy Living City Market, Price Chopper, Shaws, as well as many independent stores throughout Vermont and beyond. Click here to find a store near you, or to order online.


Thanks for sharing your products with us Frank!

Try Vermont First would like to share a jar of Dell’Amore sauce with you.

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As they say in Italian: “Godere!”



16 thoughts on “Dell’Amore Sauce Giveaway

  1. From Kansas City to New England~~~~to find the best sauce ever~~Dell Amore~~just like Grandma’s gravy!!!! a big thank you to the Dell Amore team.

  2. I would like to try the olive! I buy the original at Costco all the time!! It is so yummy!! Plus, I like that it does not contain sugar!

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