Karen’s Artisan Popcorn Giveaway


Tonight I am excited to share a rather NEW Vermont product with you. One that makes my mouth water! Crunchy, sweet, salty POPCORN! Karen’s Artisan Popcorn.


Karen Brittain credits her parents for much of her success with her business. Karen’s mom shared a love of baking with her daughter and Karen’s father was a food scientist. As a kid Karen was happy to “mess around” in the kitchen and as an adult she enjoyed taking her time to research and develop her flagship flavor: Herbaceous Blend.


The Herbaceous Blend combine garlic, onion, black pepper, cayenne pepper and other spices with a locally grown organic popcorn. Karen uses a blend of olive and canola oils which she says infuses a subtle buttery flavor.


Everyone in my family enjoyed this salty snack. The flavors are not overly bold, but pronounced. It’s a light snack that will easily please any crowd.


I suggest that you take a moment NOW to find where you can get Karen’s Artisan Popcorn and get yourself her Maple Kettle Bliss ASAP. It’s nothing short of amazing. Actually it’s beyond amazing. Before I opened the bag I told friends that I would be happy to share. After I took a bite I quickly ran to hide the rest of the bag. I taped on a big sign that said “DO NOT EAT, FOR MY BLOG”. And then I ate the whole bag myself. I have made maple popcorn for years, but it does not compare to this product. Karen has mastered the balance of sweet and salty. It’s perfectly sweet and perfectly salty.


But wait…. there’s more! Much more! In addition to the Herbaceous Blend and Maple Kettle Bliss there is Lemon Confection, Baked Vanilla Spice, Sea Salt Sublime, Chocolate Wanderlust and more! What flavor are you most tempted to try?


My friend Lauren shares her reviews of Karen’s lemon and chocolate flavors:

“Let me preface this by saying I LOVE popcorn, but I am biased. I truly only like buttery, salty popcorn. Kettle corn and the like have previously been turn offs to me, so when you asked me to review lemon and chocolate popcorn I got stuck on the lemon and chocolate part and not until I received the bags did I remember my aversion to sweet popcorn, but, alas, I gave my word so I put on a brave face and opened up the lemon flavor. Well, oh my yummyness. There was an amazing combination of crisp candylike lemon sugar and fabulous fresh tasting popcorn. I subsequently inhaled half the bag in minutes. This led me to be quite excited for the chocolate flavor, as well I should have been. As I munched away I initially was not as in love as I had been with the lemon, but as I continue d to snack it’s irresistible combination of chocolate and spice began to lure me in. I hadn’t realized it was a Mayan chocolate popcorn and although I wouldn’t necessarily buy that flavor before this experience -I definitely wouldn’t look past it now. What an amazing flavor, again, only made better by the quality popcorn that tasted as if had been popped earlier that day.
So I suppose my overall review is “wow”. This popcorn has opened the door to the sweet side of popcorn, previously closed tightly, to an old fashioned salty popcorn girl such as myself. A plus.”


Lemon Confection is surprising. It’s not what your brain expects when you eat popcorn. It is very sweet, full of lemon flavor, and a real treat!


Chocolate Wanderlust is very rich and has a spicy kick. It’s gourmet popcorn at its best. Buy a bag to share and impress.



Karen also offers a DIY kit. Look at how beautiful the corn is! This corn is Vermont and US organically grown including kernels from Hurricane Flats Farm in South Royalton and Cosmo Brigante in Colchester. The kit will make two large batches which are equivalent to six bags of Karen’s Artisan. In addition to the lovely corn, Karen includes her herbaceous blend of spices and instructions on how to make the best popcorn in your own home.


Above is the photo shoot I did for this blog. I could not stop eating the popcorn while shooting!

Karen has so much to offer. Remember her when you need a great gift, want a local snack to impress at your summer party, need a thank you gift or more! Check out the Gourmet Popcorn of the Month Club. That’s my kind of gift!

You can find Karen’s Artisan Popcorn at The  Burlington Farmers Market and the Milton Farmers Market. You can get her popcorn at Healthy Living Market, Apple Mountain Vermont Gifts & Food, and kernels and popcorn toppings at Shelburne Supermarket.

Karen has generously offered to send prizes to THREE lucky Try Vermont First fans. ENTER HERE to be one of our winners:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pop on!


18 thoughts on “Karen’s Artisan Popcorn Giveaway

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  2. I would love to try the maple kettle corn. but they all sound amazing. I might just need to make a special trip to healthy living 🙂

  3. I would love to try the Maple Bliss, Vanilla Spice and Chocolate Wanderlust. It would be difficult to chose just one but if I had to I think it would be Vanilla Spice.

  4. I am SUPER partial to sweet & salty snacks, so the Maple Bliss Kettle Corn sounds like my cup of tea for sure, but I am definitely interested in trying the lemon as well. It sounds like a new and interesting taste on a caramel textured popcorn-and who doesn’t love a little lemon in the summer time?? Yum yum!!

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