Squirrel Stashed Nuts Giveaway



After reading just one paragraph from Meag & Brad, owners and creators of Squirrel Stash Nuts, I could tell how much love they have for their products and their community. Meag & Brad have known each other since they were kids and have been best friends for a very long time. Though their interests and passions sometime differ they both have a desire to explore entrepreneurship. Together they turned a disappointment into an opportunity.


Meag tells us more: “During the summer of 2012 we were vacationing in the beach town of York, Maine where Brad had spent his summer’s growing up camping with his family. We were downtown about to pick up one of our favorite snacks to share, roasted and glazed nuts. However, this specific time our usual spot was no longer making or selling them. Disappointed and hungry we walked out but not even 2 feet away from the door and we were back inside inquiring about how we could get a roasting machine. From there every spare minute was used to talk about how we would go about starting a business-plans, recipes, values to spread, and of course the name and branding. With a few good brainstorming sessions under our belt and many hours at the stove we had a product and brand that we were proud of. We used our favorite snack as an inspiration, tweaking it every so slightly.”



Two years later Meag and Brad have an amazing (and addicting) product and a strong mission. “We knew that a good business meant more than just a great product. As I mentioned neither of us have any professional business knowledge but we do have big hearts and that has guided us to make the best decision, not just for ourselves, but for our people and Earth. In the beginning we made it clear to one another that we would be a business example to others; that earning a profit for the hard work you put in does not have to come from crushing every little thing in your path. We made it a large part of our mission statement to make conscious decisions that positively affect the Earth and it’s inhabitants. For now, as a small company, we are heavily focused on biodegradable and compostable packaging while also creating closer relationships with our ingredient sources. Like our maple syrup, it’s purchased from a fellow market vendor; Al from Brigham Hill Maple. But as we grow our mission will grow too. We continue to use our hearts and conscience views to guide Squirrel Stash Nuts.”


It’s time to tell you about the NUTS! Let me start at the end of my story and tell you how when the tube container pictured above was gone I ate every last crumb and was instantly searching for more Squirrel Stash Nuts. A week later when I asked my son what his favorite Vermont product was he said “do you have any more maple nuts?”.




My friend Talitha and her children sampled the almonds for us. Here are their reviews: “Sweet, but not too sweet. Fantastic strong cinnamon flavor with a subtle maple undertone. Mayla, age 6: I could eat 9 thousand of them. Rowan, age 3: “They make my belly good.”


Another friend, Heather, has a review of the Squirrel Stash Peanuts: “The maple cinnamon nuts were really good! Their flavor reminded me of autumn. They are delicious by themselves and were also good on my salad. I can imagine including them in a harvest dish, perhaps as a topping for a squash casserole. The ingredients were simple but the flavor was really interesting. Delicious!”


Let’s talk about how overwhelmingly delicious Squirrel Stash Nuts are. Above are the mixed “Tapped” nuts. Included in this mix are all the four Squirrel Stash nuts: almonds, peanuts, cashews, pecans. The one sweetener: pure VT maple syrup. They have a deep maple flavor but are not too sweet. They are rich and wonderful. The cinnamon is subtle and the salt helps marry all of the flavors and cut down on the sweetness. I was so sad when these were gone!


 Lauren is a good friend of mine and always a willing Try Vermont First taste tester. She was happy to try the pecans for me. Here are her thoughts: “The glaze was delicious,  more cinnamon than maple, but luckily I love both so I was happy. Just sweet enough to satisfy my need for an after meal treat, but I felt okay about eating them because, well, they’re nuts, so they’re healthy, too, right??”


My final taste tester shared this about Squirrel cashews: “The nuts were very flavorful and matched the description.“. She also suggested putting them into a trail mix. I agree! There are endless possibilities!



Try Vermont First fans can stock up on these amazing nuts and save 5% by using the code TRYVTFIRST2014.

I hope that hundreds, or thousands of people will enter to WIN Squirrel Stash Nuts because they are THAT good. Look for them near you and find them weekly at the Burlington Farmer’s Market. ENTER HERE to win      —>    a Rafflecopter giveaway

Snack sweetly,



PS: Meag and Brad….. thanks for the stashes! 🙂

IMG_6648  IMG_6651



17 thoughts on “Squirrel Stashed Nuts Giveaway

  1. The nuts are all good, but the tapped pecans are to die for!! Brad and Meag are awesome and have done and will continue to do wonderful things! Get your nut on!!

  2. My family is nuts over nuts, so really any of these would be lovely. The maple sounds delish. Personally I’d lean toward cashews, but they all look tasty!

  3. They sound delicious, and I love roasted almond! I really like their story and attitude about hat being a successful business means.

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