Wild Wood Vermont Travel Mug Giveaway


Twenty years ago Sean Murray, of Wild Wood Vermont, moved from his native Ireland to Vermont. He now resides in Hinesburg with his wife and three children. Sean tells us that he has always had a love for hand crafting, and ten years ago began turning wood. He has made bowls, plates, cocktail shakers, and salt and pepper grinders.


Soon Sean had an idea to make a travel mug, but it had to meet a certain criteria. Sean tells us: “I didn’t want just any kind of mug. I wanted a mug that would fit nice in my car cup holder, one that was lightweight and one that was smooth to the touch.”


It was just a year ago that Sean made his first cedar travel mug; as a gift for his wife. The cedar wood was thoughtfully chosen. “I found that working with Cedar not only gave the mugs their own unique design from the grains and knots within the wood but the smell of the Cedar and the beautiful colors that protrude from the wood is the reason I use Cedar as my #1 Choice in wood.” -Sean


After many compliments and requests Sean decided to open his own Etsy shop to showcase and sell his cedar travel mugs. Etsy added Sean’s Soda-Blasted mugs on their trending list for the month of April. Sean has plans to add more of his products to his shop. In addition to getting an amazing mug, your purchase will also give back. For every sale, a donation will be made to the Plant It 2020 foundation and a tree will be planted in Vermont.



Note that these mugs are not just for coffee and tea. Check out the personalized mugs for The Alchemist.


We agree with Sean’s wife, friends, and clients: these mugs are great! They are well made with high quality wood and are uniquely Vermont.


Support Sean and his business and LIKE his Facebook page. Visit his Etsy shop for all your gift needs. I know there is a holiday just one month away and think that these mugs would make great gifts for the fathers I know!


Enter HERE to win a travel mug from Wild Wood Vermont:


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Drink happy,



This is my blogging work station, where I am currently enjoying a cup of tea with my mug from Wild Wood Vermont:



38 thoughts on “Wild Wood Vermont Travel Mug Giveaway

  1. I looked at these at the Burlington Farmer’s Market on a cloudy day-they are beautiful. I would like to see one on my deck as the bright sun came up.

  2. My travel mug is broken (the inside falls out because it fell) and I really like wood instead of plastic. Plus the interior is stainless steel, so no plastic affecting the flavor of the coffee.

  3. My mom would love a mug and I would live to give her one. I also know my in laws would love them and they have an anniversary coming up.

  4. My daughter would love this mug. She is always bringing drinks with her when we go out. I would like it too!

  5. My husband would LOVE this mug!! My husband is also from Ireland!! He has only been here 6 years and would love to know that this gorgeous mug was made by a man from his own home country 🙂

  6. I’d love to win this fabulously unique & special coffee travel mug for my dear friend, Rich, who came to my rescue last year to guide me and my son through the college process. He would LOVE this mug and love that Sean is from Ireland AND Vermont, two places of which he (and I) are quite fond.

  7. Wow, what beautiful mugs! My husband would love one of these (and I would, too!). Thank you for helping us discover a new local etsy shop.

  8. I think my dad would really love this product! He’s a coffee addict and works with wood himself, so he appreciates its natural beauty-which I’m thankful to say, he passed down to me.

  9. What a great story of a man from Ireland making his fine products here in Vermont, USA. Cedar is one of my two favorite trees. As a kid, I remember playing in my Mom’s cedar closet. To see cedar on a mug is just something I never thought possible. Absolutely beautiful!

  10. I would love to have this mug. we had 2 travel mugs but one was lost. so I would love it to replace the lost one. And it would be mine….would go so well in my jag!

  11. Who wouldn’t like a mug like this? I’m thinking my husband, his co-workers, my mom, my father-in-law, my neighbor… Oh, and one for me, too!

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