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I really love the story of how and why Ashley Syler started her business: Pen to Paper Designs. I can relate to her story as I have boxes and boxes of meaningful cards that I love to look through; they all bring a smile to my face. I have a bit of my wonderful Memere in me that way. Read about Pen to Paper’s start from Ashley:

“I started Pen to Paper Designs in late February of this year. Two factors influenced it’s creation; some unexpected free time and some pre-pre spring cleaning. My husband, daughter and I moved to Proctorsville, VT in November so I could spend more time at home with our 4 month old, June. Believe it or not, I found myself with a bit more spare time than I was used to (she is queen of napping and happiness). So I began drawing again, something I hadn’t indulged in since high school. It first started as artwork for our daughter’s room but I quickly exhausted that wall space and all the other walls in our home. I definitely wasn’t done drawing, however. It wasn’t long after that I decided to tackle a very messy closet when I discovered, not one but two(!), shoe boxes overflowing with notecards from grandmothers, friends, parents, siblings, friends of friends. I realized there was a reason I had kept them after all these years. Each handwritten note, cheesy birthday card, not so funny joke and signature reminded me of a time, place, loved one, event, and these were things I never wanted to let go of or forget. Some memories were vague, some people I no longer was in touch with, but after all these years what mattered was that they were blips of time and reminders that someone had taken the time to write them. To me. And that made it special. It just sort of clicked at that point. I could share my love for drawing and know that these notecards would hopefully bring warmth and happiness into a stranger’s life. What is better than that?”

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Ashley has a lot of great designs. She sent the notecards pictured above and they made my day! I am excited to send them to family and friends, to share a note and to share art of a fellow Vermont mom. They are eye catching and I know they will bring a lot of smiles.

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The animal designs might be my favorites. They are fun and whimsical and I am happy to have the farm animals above represent Try Vermont First. Ashley shared that her favorite design is the elephant which was her favorite animal growing up. Not only was her bedroom littered with elephants as a child but she even adopted an elephant from Africa. See her elephant note cards here.

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I can think of a friend or family member for each design. I know of a friend who should really have her own set of lab cards and another who would love to have personalized elephant cards from Pen to Paper.

Ashley is excited to also be working on larger prints which possibly might make their way over for another giveaway.

She is also happy to work with you on a custom design or personal request. Simply email her through her Etsy shop or Facebook page.

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Now you have a chance to win a personalized set of 12 note cards from Pen to Paper Designs.


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Thank you for sharing your lovely talent with us Ashley!










12 thoughts on “Pen to Paper Giveaway

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  2. I am so happy everyone was able to find something they love:) I try and come up with new designs frequently so remember to check back!

  3. I’m in love with the elephant design! It reminds me of my mom. They were her favorite. She passed in October & I miss her every day.

  4. So many to choose from! I really like the style – and like you, could think of several people who might enjoy each of the designs.

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