Chickens A to Z Giveaway

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Chickens A to Z was written by Vermont author and artist Sarah Rosedahl. Sarah first painted chickens as part of the Vermont Fun-A-Day art project. Sarah tells us: “One of these paintings was inspired by a poem called “Farm Country”. I painted some funky chickens and then started painting more chickens in this style and eventually it evolved into the Chickens! book. I credit many friends for also  inspiring me to create a book from the chicken paintings.”

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Sarah also shares book credits with her own funky chickens who are full of personality and always entertaining.

Sarah works in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. She is inspired by the wildlife and agriculture around the Lake Champlain islands and particularly enjoys painting all types of birds.


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The Chickens book is very sweet and incredibly informational! From Ameraucana to Zilarra, Sarah introduces readers to 26 different breeds of chickens and shares facts about each. Her favorite chicken? She said it’s too hard to choose but among her favorite are Brahma, Cochin, Hamburg, and Sicilian Buttercup.


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Sarah is currently working on publishing more books with a similar concept of the Chickens book and is studying the art of writing books for children.

You can find Chickens A to Z in many Vermont stores including Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, Phoenix Books in Essex, and Flying Pig Books in Shelburne. Meet Sarah at an event near you. This weekend, May 3rd, she will be at the Vermont Reading Partners Craft Fair in Manchester.

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Now you have a chance to win a copy of Chickens! Please support this local author and LIKE her Facebook page, which also earns you extra entries in this giveaway.



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12 thoughts on “Chickens A to Z Giveaway

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  2. I do not have chickens. My favorite breed is one Ido’t know the name for, but they look like they have “big hair”

  3. Love your renderings of the chicks from what I can see. Would love to have a copy and share it with my grandsons to get them into the chickens.

  4. I do not have chickens because I live in a condo, but I grew up with them and i can’t wait to have some someday!! I would have a mix so that i have all the different colors of eggs! For now, I visit with my friends’ chickens and reap the benefits of happy hens 😉

  5. We have 4 Silkie chicks, 2 Blue Andalusian chicks, 3 Egyptian Fayoumis chicks and then a whole bunch of mixed breed chicks that are all about 2-3 months old. Waiting to see who are going to be little Roos!

  6. I do have chickens and buff orpingtons are my favorite for layers. I like blue splash silkies and frizzled cochins for a fun breed!

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