An Outrageous Giveaway!


Rex’s Road Crew Crunch officially began in 2006, though the recipe had been in the family for many years before then. Rex shares that his grandmother Jobyna created the original “Gravel” recipe with cereal, pretzels and peanuts covered in white chocolate. Here is his story of acquiring the recipe: “Originally from Pennsylvania, my wife and I moved to VT in 2000 – it didn’t take long to run out of a supply of Gravel. The problem became that Jobyna refused to ship it to us here in VT! After an exchange of heated words in her kitchen at Christmas, she threw the recipe at me and said “You make it!” Well, we kinda took it from there and built a business that both my wife and I do full time. We are now up to 15 flavors (8 year round and 7 seasonal) with distribution all across New England and it still continues to grow.”

IMG_5371 IMG_5372

Our family enjoyed all four of Rex’s flavors that we tried. Gravel, pictured above, combines salty peanuts and pretzels and sweet white chocolate. That’s a great combination of texture with a powerful crunch. Note that all of Rex’s flavors are gluten free, even with the pretzels.

My friend Lauren was happy to help us taste test these products. Here is her review: “Yes yes yes! That is my review..yes to white chocolate, yes to peanuts and yes to crunchy cereal and pretzel pieces.  And they work soo well together.  Sweet enough to feel like a treat yet light enough to grab a handful at noon (if you have the willpower for just one) and not feel guilty all day. The ratio of the chocolate coating to the peanuts and cereal pieces and pretzels was perfect, It wasn’t globbed on, so that every bite contained the perfect amount of each ingredient.  I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this treat.”


The Backfill flavor was addicting and I can confess to eating the whole bag in one day. Toasted coconut makes this crunch a bit more chewy than other flavors and it’s simply out of this world!


Pot Hole has a great story: “This is the Rex’s Outrageous ode to the winter of 2009 and the disastrous roads that were in the wake of that winter . . . We named this first, then picked the ingredients – hemp seeds (aka pot) were the first of the required ingredients, and the pretzels have holes – thus Pothole. Incidentally, this is the healthiest choice of the Rex’s Outrageous lineup as the hemp seeds are 33% protein, super high in antioxidants, super high in omega 3 fatty acids – but sadly they don’t get you super . . . well you get the idea.” I didn’t want to share this bag. I selfishly kept it all to myself. The rich dark chocolate wrapped around the nuts, the pretzels and the cereal. This bag didn’t last long either.


When I asked Rex what made his products stand out this is how he responded: “What doesn’t make us stand out?!? Road Crew Crunch is a healthier snack alternative with no preservatives or artificial flavors. It is also Gluten Free – even the flavors with pretzels! – they are manufactured with potato starch and bamboo fiber eliminating gluten! And it is FUN! From the point you pick up the bag and read our story to your first and last bite – we keep you Diggin’ In for more!”


Learn more about all of Rex’s flavors here. You can order directly from Rex’s website, or find Road Crew Crunch in a store near you.

ENTER HERE to win Rex’s Outrageous Road Crew Crunch:

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Happy snacking,

PS: Keep an eye out for Rex’s LIMITED EDITIONS! We loved “Lover’s Lane” this Valentine’s Day!



28 thoughts on “An Outrageous Giveaway!

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  2. Bamboo fiber? Sounds interesting. I’ve looked at these at the co-op but have yet to try them. May just have to now.

  3. These have caught my eye at the store many times, but I’ve never tried them. I will absolutely be going to get some soon! 🙂

    • Thanks for the Kudos! If you like Asphalt, you’ll love Coffee Break – just not what you want to eat right before bed – full on dark roast coffee beans thrown right in the batches!!!

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