Happy 2nd Birthday to US!

Two years ago I launched Try Vermont First with the hopes of trying and sharing Vermont made products with friends, family, and readers. I wanted to find Vermont products that no one had heard of. I wanted to meet Vermont authors and artists and share their stories. I wanted to find ways to support my neighbors and community.


I can now say that I have successfully done all of these things. And I am excited to continue in the year(s) ahead. I am honored to have worked with SO many wonderful Vermonters.

I THANK YOU for supporting this blog and in turn supporting the Vermont businesses and artists that I have introduced you to.

What’s next? More giveaways for sure! I would also like to help fill VT gift shops, markets, and more with VT products.

In celebration of Try Vermont First turning TWO we are thrilled to host our 2nd Big Blog Birthday Bash Giveaway. Our TWO winners will each receive a prize pack containing gifts from some, but not all, of the companies below:


Capitol Cupcakes

Learn more!


Two Guys Soup (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Time Out For Whoopie (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Vermont Harvest (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Alloy Jewelry (on Facebook)


Marsh Hollow (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Vermont Village Applesauce (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Sparkle Stories (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Green Mtn Mini Baked (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Ariel’s Honey Infusions (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Blake Hill Preserves (on Facebook)

Learn more!

IMG_7682 - Copy

Alaina’s Mosaics (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Vermont Soap (on Facebook)

Learn more!


The Groove Tea Project (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Cat Illustrates (on Facebook)



Chunky Love Boutique (on Facebook)

Learn more!



Kid City (on Facebook)


Honestly Simple Soaps (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Nutty Steph’s (on Facebook)

Learn more!


Makayla’s Garden Boutique

Learn more!


Woodstock Granola‎ (on Facebook)

Learn more!


photo name

Stepping Stones Spa (on Facebook)

Learn more!


WOW! That’s a great collection of prizes! To thank each company for being part of this giveaway I encourage you to LIKE their Facebook page. Plus, doing so earns you extra entries in this giveaway! We will have TWO winners and each will receive a collection of prizes that will include gifts from the companies above, though the gift may be different than pictured.


Note that you do not need to live in Vermont to WIN this giveaway (or to buy and enjoy great VT products!).

We appreciate your help in spreading the word about this giveaway. Please LIKE and share this giveaway on Facebook! Please follow us on Twitter and retweet this giveaway.



a Rafflecopter giveaway


This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

Thank you again, and remember to TRY VERMONT FIRST!


Honi (& helpers)

IMG_5754 IMG_5342  IMG_5292








84 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday to US!

  1. One day me and my husband will be able to move back to Vermont, until then I only buy Vermont maple Syrup (usually having to have it shipped) and keep my eye out for any other Vermont product I can! Happy 2nd Birthday, and thank you for helping me feel like Vermont isn’t very far away!

  2. The massage sounds amazing right about now, but I think I need to check out all the businesses featured here. Happy birthday!!

  3. My favorite part of the giveaway is the jewelry! It seems like lately I only buy jewelry for my daughter, and not for me!

  4. It’s hard to pick just a few things. Everything I would love so much to enjoy! If I had to pick I would probably choose all the stuff that my daughter could enjoy! 😊

  5. How do I choose? There’s so many amazing items!!! Wow! I think I’d probably like the stepping stones giveaway! Mama to three boys I could use some R&R! 😉

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday and to many more! What great giveaway to celebrate. I’d love to win, as I’m excited about all the items being given away. It would be a great way for me to try more products from local businesses.

  7. I miss living in Vermont and can’t wait to hopefully try out some of these products! I love supporting small, local businesses whenever possible, and when we come up to Vermont to visit, we load up on Vermont-y good-ness 😀

  8. You’ve done such an amazing job with this Honi! Congrats and Happy 2nd Birthday!! So many great prizes to choose from…but I think my favorites are the alloy jewelry and the massage 🙂

  9. Your blog makes me so excited to put all my care packages together for friends and family around the country. I love sending my love from Vermont by sharing VT products 🙂

  10. Congratulations on your 2nd birthday 🙂 I would be so excited to get Vermont soaps and Green MT Mini Bakes not to mention Alloy Jewelry…oh I love all of it 🙂

  11. So excited for TVF’s Birthday Bash! Happy 2nd Birthday Try Vermont First! Thank you Honi for your continuing efforts to bring Vermont Product knowledge to us inquiring minds!!

  12. everything looks exciting. i am most excited about the green mountain mini donuts, I’ve been wanting to try them for ages!

  13. Happy Birthday!! The two people that win this giveaway bash are gonna be LUCKY!!! I hope I am one of the winners!!!

  14. Pingback: Try Vermont Big Birthday Bash Giveaway!!

  15. Awesome Giveaway ! The Way My Body feels right now The Massage Lol ! But I would so need Green Mtn Mini Doughnuts in My hand Lol !

  16. That is a hard one! The Tigers satay PEANUT SAUCE maybe?? A MASSAGE sounds good too though?., Maybe I will make some nice hot SOUP and LISTEN to a STORY as I get APPLESAUCED pondering my choices. If I do that I better remember to put on a bib, the one that PINS in the back,, so I won’t get in a JAM, staining my new shirt! Then again COOKIE, maybe I should just stay home and take a nice long soak, SOAPING up and drinking some warm TEA instead? For supper I will just keep it easy and make a nice bowl of yummy GRANOLA ,topped with some CHOCOLATE! That’s it, decision made, so I get up and I walk into the kitchen gazing upon my new ART I love so much, I am glad I bought it! As I wait for my HONEY to come home I get excited because he called and said “CUPCAKE, I bought you a new NECKLACE”, and for that he may get some WHOOPIE!!

  17. Congrats on 2 years! I love this blog and what you do for local businesses:) I am craving some Capital Cupcakes, although all the prizes are amazing.

  18. Spa, please…… and some snacks to have afterwards. Some jewelery since I never buy it for myself and then a card to write a “thank you” note….

  19. Happy birthday! You’ve introduced me to many great Vermont products. I keep looking at that spa page trying to figure out what and when I could fit that into my life so that’s the one I’m most excited about,.

  20. Awesome Vermont businesses (and giveaways), I wouldn’t even know how to choose which one I’d like the best because they all are so great!

  21. That’s tough… They all look amazing but I’m thinking the massage would be amazing right now! Happy 2nd birthday! 😉

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