The Multiples Dinnerware Giveaway


Meet Professor One Hoot, a character from The Multiples. His goal, and the goal of his character counterparts and their human distributors is to make children excited and comfortable learning about numbers. Brooks Addington lives in Dorset and is the Co President of Realtimes Products LLC, the Vermont based company responsible for manufacturing and distribution of The Multiples times table plates and other branded products across the Americas and Asia.The Multiples brand and associated characters were created in the UK by Jo and David Clancy, who have both spent their careers in and around education. I spoke with Brooks last month and quickly his enthusiasm for these products rubbed off on me and I had 25 ideas of how to get these wonderful products into more schools and homes.


I asked Brooks to share the story of how The Multiples came from the UK to the US: “I was introduced to the creators of the product via a contact of mine in the UK. They were interested in exploring ways to enter the US market. After many discussions we partnered up for the rights to the Americas and Asia. My partner and I have backgrounds in Finance and living in Asia, we are old friends and colleagues and both recently moved to Vermont. We both have 3 children and have always been focused on children’s education and children’s health. Being back in Vermont we both quickly came to understand the challenges the US faces with early learning and elementary education. 68% of children in the US graduating 8th grade do not meet the standards in math. This simply is not acceptable. It is our belief that anyone can do math, and we aim to make math “cool”, via The Multiples.”


These are such great products! Before my blogging/mommy days I was an elementary and preschool teacher. I knew then, and I can see now that children are sponges. They don’t necessarily know that they are learning new information, but they are surrounded with knowledge to absorb everyday. Both of my children, ages 5.5 and 3, were thrilled to see these plates. After one meal my son was counting by fives. One meal! They are always excited to see what animal is hiding under their food. Now that my son has mastered counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s he has asked me to get plates for counting by 3’s and 6’s. I asked my son for his formal review and he said “These plate are AWESOME!”.

IMG_5586  IMG_5827

A set of dinnerware from The Multiples would be a perfect gift (*note to grandparents)! It’s a fully functional, something everyone uses (everyday, many times a day) and it’s educational. It checks all the important boxes.

I gave a set of The Multiples to a teacher/mom friend of mine and here are her thoughts: “The dishware is great, even my 4 year old is starting to memorize some of the facts just by having them in front of him. I love the shape and size of the cups, easy for small hands to hold. Nice that they’re dishwasher safe too. As a teacher, I would love to see interactive, educational, reusable  plates and cups like these in the cafeteria!” ~Melissa


I told Brooks that it would be great to see The Multiples in restaurants as well as day-cares and schools. I even suggested that they look into putting The Multiples onto school lunch trays. When I asked Brooks what he wanted my readers to know he told me this: “We have a school program and a home-school program. We want to work with schools/communities/PTAs to get our children off of eating off prison trays or blank plates and have them engaging in the tableware. We are in 80+ schools in the UK and have great testimonials, in one school we saw a 50% reduction in food waste after the plates were implemented. We are have great discounts for schools and home-school associations.  ANYONE can do math. We all need to encourage our children with numbers. Studies have shown that children who have Parents who spend time on math with them perform higher on standardized math tests than children whose parents do not engage in math. what better way than around the dinner table!”


The Multiples can be purchased around the state at many places including Kid City in South Burlington, Healthy Living in Burlington, The Toy Factory in Rutland, Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, and Stowe Kitchens and Baths, as well as online. Want to find The Multiples near you? Ask for them at your local book, toy, and kitchen supply stores (I know I will be!).

Meet the Multiples on Facebook and stay tuned for character stories coming soon.

If you want to talk to Brooks about hosting a PTO event, buying wholesale or even just to learn more you can contact him via his website. I encourage you to talk to Brooks he has a lot of information to share.

Now… our giveaway! Enter below to WIN a gift from The Multiples!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

It all adds up to FUN!


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