Earl’s Big Adventures (Giveaway!)


I would like you to meet a special monkey named Earl. He is sure to capture your attention as he travels the world with his friend John. Earl and his stories were created by Waistfield author and adventurer Hanna Haidar.


Earl and John have traveled to many of the places that Hanna has been to himself. Hanna tells us that he has traveled all over the world and wanted to share his love of traveling,  meeting new people and trying new things with his readers.

IMG_5592  IMG_5594

On Earl’s trip to Japan he meets new friends, learns new words, and eats lots of new foods. He learns that it’s okay to be nervous about traveling, and that you learn a lot while in new countries and parts of the world.


Earl also travels to Costa Rica, this time to go surfing. In addition to surfing, Earl makes sandcastles and plays soccer with the local children.

My own children, ages 5 and 3, really enjoy reading about Earl’s adventures. It’s great fun for kids to learn about new places and these books are well written and full of facts about each different country. The illustrations are colorful and bright. The books are geared toward younger children, but can be expanded on for older children. Read and then make a map of Earl’s traveling route. Or look up more new words. And of course write your own adventure!


This Vermont author says he is a little of both Earl and John. He also tells us: “The message I want most to share with the kids who read my books is that traveling and other cultures are something to be enjoyed, not a afraid of. Learning new languages, trying different foods and meeting people who come from very different backgrounds is a lot of fun.”


Hanna’s books can be found in many Vermont stores (and beyond), such as Bear Pond Books, Bridge Side Books and The Flying Pig. Find all of the locations here.

Now let me tell you the details of this generous giveaway! Hannah would like to give a set of autographed Earl books to three different winners AND each winner can choose a school to receive a set of books. Earl will continue traveling around with your help!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Adventurously yours,


20 thoughts on “Earl’s Big Adventures (Giveaway!)

  1. Local school would be flood brook , or I would send them to Brandon, Florida I have a niece that works at a special needs charter school down there

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