VT Sundae Sauce Giveaway (again!)


Just say “Vermont Sundae Sauce” and my mouth will begin to water! Owner Bobbie Dennie sure does know how to make the BEST chocolate sauce ever! We reviewed Bobbie’s sauces in 2012 and it didn’t take long to fall in love with the rich and luxurious chocolate sauce.

Bobbie’s home based business started with recipes from her grandmother. She still makes her sauces in small batches and keeps the quality of the product her number one priority. Bobbie tells us: “My grandmothers recipe for an old fashioned hot fudge sauce was my inspiration. I took her recipe and started experimenting and adding different flavors. It sure bring the neighbors in when I’m cooking and the smell of chocolate is wafting through the air. I’m never short on willing taste testers!!”


After a recent trip to Putney Mountain Winery, and sampling the Cassie wine, Bobbie was inspired to create her latest sauce: Chocolate & Wine. The wine is made with black currents, blueberries, and raspberries, which are a perfect compliment to the chocolate.


This very special sauce is incredibly fruity. You do not get the strong and bitter taste of wine. It’s more like a cherry chocolate or a chocolate covered strawberry. I shared my jar with a friend who was hooked as soon as I said “wine”.  She told me that she had big ideas for this sauce including using it to top a pie, but she found herself enjoying it with pretzels… until the whole bag of pretzels was gone. Pretzels are a nice idea. I just used a spoon.

Here is my friend Lauren’s review: “As a chocolate lover and a wine drinker this sauce seemed to be right up my alley and lo and behold- it was!!  When I first opened the jar the aroma intrigued me- a little strong on the wine side, but upon my first taste- I knew it was a chocolate/wine marriage made in heaven.  First I dipped pretzels in it- which I now think is my favorite way to consume  this delicious indulgence without feeling too guilty (it WAS good on ice cream but a little too much sweet, even for a sweet tooth such as myself).  The sauce initially is quite mild and enjoyable, similar to a simple yet good quality chocolate sauce, but like a good wine, the flavor it left on my palette left me wanting “just one more bite”. The sauce finished with that a nice wine flavor- but certainly not so strong that I felt like i was drinking a glass of Merlot  it is definitely  a successful combination of sweet chocolate and the acidity of wine, which cuts through it nicely yet not too sharply.  I will definitely not enjoy a plain pretzel in the same way again! ”

Good news… YOU can enter to win a jar of Chocolate & Wine Sauce from The Vermont Sundae Sauce Company!

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Stay sweet!


26 thoughts on “VT Sundae Sauce Giveaway (again!)

  1. I would love to try this as frosting for this chocolate merlot cake recipe I’ve been wanting to make for our next family get together!

  2. I would love to try this as frosting for this chocolate merlot cake I’Be been wanting to make & share at a family get together!

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