Ariel’s Honey Infusions Giveaway

Ariel’s Honey Infusions began in 2012 in Huntington. Owner and founder Ariel had her own garden business and saw first hand how important bees are to our lives and communities. That combined with her love for organic herbs, raw honey, and spending time outside made this new business an instant success.

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Ariel begins with sustainably harvested raw Vermont honey from Westfield and New Haven. All of the herbs that she uses are organic and in most cases local. The Lavender Vanilla Infusion is aromatic and lovely. The honey is sweet, of course, and the perfumed herbs will bring you right back to summer. Our family has enjoyed this honey on oatmeal and in hot tea.

IMG_3553   IMG_3559

Chai is one of the biggest sellers for Ariel. It’s a very versatile combination of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and more. Add it to a marinade (yum!) or mix it with plain yogurt and ice for a Chai smoothie (amazing!).


The Elderberry infusion was our favorite (though it’s hard to choose a favorite when you love them all!). Elderberries are used to boost the immune system and to lessen the length and effects of a cold or flu. I was happy to have this infusion on hand at the start of a cold. When the aches and pains were just beginning. I quickly brewed a pot of tea and added a generous spoonful of Ariel’s Honey. The tea was soothing and surely was helpful.

I shared this infusion with my friend Aubrey and here are her thoughts: “Ariel’s Honey Infusion, Organic Elderberry: Sooo good, there are actually little dried elderberries in the honey. They are like little sweet jewels that I keep finding at the bottom of my mug of tea. Yum! Also so delicious in oatmeal!”

As I previously mentioned, Ariel is passionate about bees and she tells us: “I like customers to understand the importance of Bees for all of us in our daily lives. The health of bees as well as ourselves depends greatly on planting pesticide free gardens, landscaping with plants that are bee and insect friendly, as well as having a diverse mix of gardens- flower, herb, veggie, fruit trees in all communities and supporting back yard bee keeping.”


There are a dozen unique infusions to try. Mint, Orange & Lemon; Immune Buzzer; Hot Pepper. Find the full list here.

Ariel’s Honey Infusions can be found up and down New England and as far away as Colorado. Click here to find Ariel’s at a store or event near you.

Now it’s your turn to try Ariel’s Honey Infusions. Click here to enter this giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stay healthy and sweet,



This giveaway is now closed. Please visit our homepage to find our current giveaways and LIKE us on Facebook for real time updates.

The LUCKY winner of this giveaway is Amber L. MacMurtry. Congratulations! Check your email.


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